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Roy Price Resigns as Head of Amazon Studios

- Possible replacement expected to be a woman   Roy Price Has Resigned from Amazon Studios Roy Price has resigned from his position at Amazon Studios. This...

Jokes of the day

Travel - Laughter is the best medicine! - Travel! Joke 1 Checkout this conversation between a grandfather and his grandson. Grandfather: when I was a youth, I used to...
Weird reasons you are always hungry

Weird reasons you are always hungry

- Lower temperature makes you eat more. - Alcohol consumption can affect your leptin level.   There are things that could be responsible for your undying hunger. Sticking...

6 issues employers and employees need to address in the workplace

- The issue of risk taking by the employees. - The issue of tardiness. Both the employers and the employees come from two different backgrounds and it is...
finding love and dealing with depression

Ways to find love and deal with depression at the same time

- Depression makes it hard for you to beleive anything    good could happen to you again. - For you to find love you have to...

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Facts about the world fastest goal scorer

- His family has sporting genes. - He is one of the fastest goal scorers in the world. - His father believed he would make it big. Robert Lewandowski who...

Two Catalan leaders jailed over alleged sedition

- Two Catalan leaders have been jailed over alleged sedition. - Both of them could face prison terms of up to 15 years if tried and...

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