12 Decoration Ideas to Make the Christmas Mood Extra

12 Decoration Ideas to Make the Christmas Mood Extra

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– Christmas Decoration ideas to spice up your home


12 Christmas Decorations Ideas to Take Things Further

Christmas is getting is fast approaching and soon, it will be right around the corner. This is the time to bring out the Christmas ornaments and adorn your to bring out the mood of the season if you haven’t done so already. However, apart from the perfunctory stuff that most people do, there are other simple decoration ideas that anyone can incorporate to make your home, office or wherever you’re decorating have that extra Christmas mood.

christmas decoration, naijapr


Christmas decoration doesn’t have to be the same every year; add something extra with simplest decoration touches that will surprise even you.

There so much out there and so much you can come up but here are a few suggestions from us:

1. An outdoor tree

It’s so easy but a lot of people never really get round to doing this. A tree out in front of your home or place of business will not only elevate the Christmas mood for you but for those who will passing by.

2. Christmas-themed couch pillows

You can do some quick needle work on your pillows to create Christmas tree shapes and any other thing Christmas symbols you think of. Or you can make new covers with fabrics that already come with these designs or you can just pick up some at a store if you’re not the DIY kind of person.

3. Mini trees

Some cute mini Christmas trees can really give your home or space a whimsical Christmas feel. You can use them plain or get some with mini ornaments too for some extra charm.

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4. Bed and bedroom decors

A Christmas themed bed spread or blanket is an easy way to put your bedroom in the Christmas mood. You can also hang a few ornaments around your room to bring Christmas in.

5. Ornament bowls

Another way to make use of those shiny and colourful Christmas tree ornaments is to put them in a bowl. Make sure you work with colours and contrasts to make them stand out

6. Indoor Wreath

Christmas wreaths are originally meant for your door front outdoors but you can flip it and have one on the inside of your door too.

Make sure you place it on the most prominent door and you can also choose an unconventional one for the indoors

7. Ornament Tree

You can have a small or large ornament tree in your home for a dazzling Christmas decoration. You can get a frame that helps you keep it intact and you can have it stand upright or lie o the floor in a prominent part of your home.

8. Dining Table Tree

You can a have a cute Christmas tree at the centre of your dining table for some extra Christmas charm

9. Old Christmas Photos

You can charm up your home with something you may never have thought off; try placing some really outstanding pictures that show some memorable times from past Christmases.

It’s not only charming but warm and it will be easy avenue to start up conversations when you have guests around.

10. Kitchen Christmas Décor

Don’t leave your kitchen out of the Christmas mood. Apart from ornaments or fabrics, one easy easy way to set the mood is to have bake goods and other foods made in shapes of Christmas symbols or in Christmas colours around.


if you don’t have the time to make it yourself or you can’t, you can easily order from a pro and set in nice Christmas-themed dishes

11. Christmas Music

What else will complete the Christmas mood like Christmas music. Try playing really old, almost forgotten songs or unconventional ones that most people don’t pay attention to.

12. Lights

This is like a no-brainer right? Just make it extra by putting them on unexpected things and in unexpected places. You can also look for mini items that come with lights to hang around the house for a cozy Christmas feel


Please feel free to share any other Christmas decoration ideas in the comments section.