11 Things you may not know about Jehovah’s Witnesses

    Jehovah's Witnesses during a house visitation

    – They don’t pressure people to change their religion.

    – They don’t celebrate Easter or Christmas.

    They don’t believe in accepting blood

    Jehovah’s Witnesses refer to a group of people who proclaim the truth about Jehovah.

    Naijapr presents you with eleven things you might not have known about them.

    They refer to their place of worship as “Kingdom hall”
    They don’t refer to their place of worship as a church, but as a kingdom hall. They don’t also have a paid pastor. Instead, within the congregation, elders or spiritually mature men share in the teaching and preaching work.

    They don’t pay tithe
    Jehovah’s Witnesses are not required to pay tithe and offerings, but there are donation boxes available in the kingdom hall.

    They believe Jesus is not part of the trinity
    Most Christians believe that there are three people in Trinity which are the father (God), son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit, but the Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that Jesus is a direct creation of God and since he is a created being, he is not part of the Trinity.

    It should be noted that they also believe that the Holy Spirit is not a person but an active force.

    They don’t believe in hell
    Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that when the trumpet sounds, the righteous ones would be raised from the dead and would live with Jehovah in Heaven while the evil ones and those that refuse to serve God would pass out of existence forever, instead of going to hell fire as a lot of other Christians believe.

    The reason they practice door-to-door ministry
    A peculiar thing Jehovah’s Witnesses are known for is their practice of door-to-door-ministry. The reason is because they believe that door-to-door ministration is an effective way to fulfil the Great Commission, using Acts 5:42, 20: 20 as reference.


    They don’t pressure people to change their religion
    Although they believe in arguing for their particular beliefs, they also believe that pressuring people to change their religion is wrong.

    They have a formal equivalent translation of the bible
    The Tract Society and Watch Tower Bible published the New World Translation that has been translated both in whole and in part into 129 languages.

    It should be noted that some people have criticised this version as changing some parts of the bible to fit into their own doctrine.

    They don’t celebrate Easter or Christmas
    Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that both celebrations are not approved by God because they are both rooted in pagan rites and customs.

    Then they also believe that the bible teaches that it is the death of Jesus Christ that should be celebrated, not his resurrection or birth.

    They don’t celebrate birthdays
    It should also be noted that they don’t celebrate birthdays because such a celebration would displace God as the instances where birthdays were celebrated in the bible, it was pagans that celebrated it and they committed evil that day.

    An example is during the birthday of king Herod when he had John the Baptist beheaded as a result of his daughter’s demand.

    They don’t vote
    Apart from the fact that they do not believe in going to war, they also don’t get involved in political matters like voting or involving themselves in positions where they would be voted for.

    They don’t believe in accepting blood
    Even during an emergency, Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t accept blood transfusions as they believe that the bible commands that we should not ingest blood.