13 Pocket-Friendly Christmas Gifts for a Special Woman in Your Life

13 Pocket-Friendly Christmas Gifts for a Special Woman in Your Life

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– Here are some reasonably-price gifts for women this Christmas


13 Nice and Not-So-Expensive Christmas Gifts for Women

Christmas is right around the corner again and for anyone who’s planning to give out gifts, you should already be making plans for your gifts by now. There a lot of things you can give out as gifts and the good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to get  something memorable. All you need is to take out time to look and find out where to get these gift items.

We’re focusing on what you can get for the special women in your life. Guys, this is mainly directed at you; your mums, wives, girlfriends, sisters and female friends are expecting something from you. And even for the ladies, you should also plan to give something to your sisters, sisters-in-law, mothers-in-law, mums and et cetera.

Here’s some help with how you can show a special woman that she is loved this Christmas. We have 13 affordable gift ideas for you:

1. Bathtub Caddy

christmas gifts, naijapr, women
Bathtub caddy: Amazon

If you know that lady who likes to take relaxing baths, a bathtub caddy will be a great gift.

christmas gifts, naijapr, women
Bathtub caddy


She will remember you fondly every time she uses it organize her bath companions.

2. Phone Stand

christmas gifts, naijapr, women
Phone holder: Shapeways

This is a very useful gift that doesn’t have to cost too much. You can give your mum or wife a stand that helps her keep her phone safe while she’s working.

This is also a good gift for a friend or colleague

3.Birthstone Dish

christmas gifts, naijapr, women
Birthstone mini dish: Uncommon Goods

This is a lovely gift that most women will love

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4. Makeup brush set

For the woman who likes to glam up, this gift will be appreciated. You can try to find out if there’s a particular brand she likes but if you’re trying to save cost, there are affordable and quality barnds you can use as gift

5. Books

christmas gifts, naijapr, women
Courtesy: Flare

If she loves to read, this would be a lovely Christmas present. You could buy her anything from one good book to several. You could even buy her an autobiography of someone she likes or a latest book that she’s been looking out for to make it special

6. Coasters

christmas gifts, naijapr, women
Coasters: Etsy

Find something that is unique, something that references something she loves. This is a good gift for an older woman or someone who is homely.

7. Ring Holder

A ring or jewellery holder is something most women will appreciate. Many of them need it to sort out their stuff but they never get round to purchasing one.

christmas gifts, naijapr, women
Whale ring holder

You can easily find a ring holder that is affordable if you’re watching your pocket.

8. Necklace

This never gets old; women love jewellery. This is a good gift for a spouse or girlfriend and it also works for family members like a daughter, niece, mum or grandmother.

christmas gifts, naijapr, women
Christmas neckace: Etsy

Make sure you get something special; the good thing is that it doesn’t have to be expensive to be special.

9. Fabric

Women love clothes and giving out a nice fabric will be appreciated.

christmas gifts, naijapr, women
Adire fabrics: DealDey

This is especially good if you live in a different country or different city. If there’s a particular fabric that is unique to where you live, gift it to your mum or loved ones that live far from you.

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10. Nightie and Robe Set

christmas gifts, naijapr, women
Robe and Nightie Lingerie Set: Etsy

This remains something that you can give out as a gift to most women and it works as a Christmas gift. You can choose designs to suit the age and personality of whomever you’re giving to. For example, you may not give your mum and wife or your girlfriend and sister the same kind of nightie set.

11. Notebook Collection

christmas gifts, naijapr, women
Rifle Paper Co Botanicals Notebook Collection: Fox and Star

If you know a lady who just loves stationaries or who likes to make notes, gift her a notebook collection. Find something that is designed with a theme that she loves.

12. Chocolate

Chocolate is something most women love. If you can’t think of a good Christmas present to give your friend, sister, mum or wife then stay safe with some fancy chocolate.

christmas gifts, naijapr, women
Hotel Chocolat’s Christmas Chocolate Box

You can pair it up with something else if you like.

13. Cookware

christmas gifts, naijapr, women
Christmas tree baking pans: Etsy

A nice pot that she’s been longing to buy or some baking pans or a set of spoons; cookware can be a good Christmas gift too. if you can’t afford a set, you can buy a single item  that is really unique.

Make sure the lady in question is the cooking or baking type.

Merry Christmas in advance!