14 things you need to know about Chimamanda Adiche as she clocks 40!

    Chimamanda Adiche

    – Chimamanda Adiche was born on the 15th of September, 1977.

    – She is a feminist who agitates for equality between the male and female gender.

    She is married to Ivana who is a medical doctor

    Today is the birthday of Literary icon, Chimamanda Adiche who is arguably the best and most popular female writer in Nigeria.

    Naijapr presents you with 14 amazing things you need to know about her.

    Her background
    She was born in Nigeria to the family of professor James Nwoye Adiche and Mrs Grace Ifeoma Adiche. She hails from Abba in Anambra state, but they were settled at Enugu.

    Her siblings
    Chimamanda is the fifth born child out of six children. In line with that, she has two elder sisters, two older brothers and a younger brother.

    Her age
    She was born on the 15th of September, 1977 which makes her 40 years old.

    She is a feminist
    Not only does she explore the theory of feminism in her books, she is a feminist who agitates for gender equality between both the male and female sex.

    How she started
    She started writing when she was just six years old, crafting stories with complete illustrations that she gave her mother to read.

    Her accolades
    Being one of the most popular female writers in Nigeria, she has won lots of awards both at home and internationally. Some of which includes Commonwealth Writers’ Prize 2005 for the Best First Book (Africa/Overall), for Purple Hibiscus, Winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award 2013 (fiction category), for Americana and O. Henry Prize 2003, for The American Embassy.


    She grew up in the home of Chinua Achebe
    Chinua Achebe once owned her family home in Nsukka, Enugu state. Her family moved into his house when her father took a position at the Nigerian University which was also the time Chinua Achebe vacated his position at Nsukka University for the University of Massachussettes in Amherst.

    Her hero
    Her hero is the acclaimed Nigerian writer, Chinua Achebe who she has said influenced her a lot right from when she was a child. She once said that reading the books of Achebe gave her permission to write about her world as she was first influenced by foreign books.

    She also claimed that she reads his books whenever she wants to rekindle her writing spirit.

    She is not socially active
    Although she occasionally updates her Facebook, she hardly uses the social media and she is deliberately private about her personal life as it took a while for people to get to know that she was married to a Nigerian doctor, Dr Ivara Esege. Then it took a while before they got to know she had given birth to a baby girl.

    She does not read reviews of her books
    This is not because she fears criticisms, but because she does not want to be distracted by what people say about them.

    Her academic achievement
    She and her siblings were sent to the University primary school Nsukka, then the University Secondary School, Nsukka, then she started reading medicine at the university which she left after a year and got transferred to Connecticut to read communication.

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    She later went to John Hopkins University for her masters in Creative writing.

    She is considered a genius
    She was given a genius grant in 2008 by the McArthur Foundation and she received an obligation prize of $500,000.

    Her TED talk is very amazing
    Chimamanda is a funny and earnest storyteller who shapes her stories around historical and sociological findings.

    She has a literary workshop
    Her literary workshop is the biggest and most sought after workshop in Africa.

    She has used this literary workshop to enhance some of the biggest writers in Africa and yearly, her workshop attracts thousands of applicants in which she would pick only a few for a ten-day training period.