15 Things you need to know about Jose Mourinho

15 Things you need to know about Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho

– He is very close to his players.

– He went to business school.

Jose Mourinho and his immediate family members

Manchester Manager, Jose Mourinho who is popularly referred to as the “special one”, a name he got while at Chelsea is one of the best managers known in the history of football as he has been able to lead his team to victory many times.

Naijapr presents you with some  things you need to know about him.

He did not have a successful career as a player
He had an unsuccessful career as a footballer as he was not particularly gifted on the football pitch as seven though he played from 1980-1987 with various clubs, he was not able to break through.

Luckily, he decided to quit his career as a footballer and instead focused on his coaching diplomas which eventually turned out to be the right choice.

How he made hi first break into coaching
He made his first break into coaching when he was hired as an interpreter by Bobby Robson, an English coach at Sporting Libson in Portugal.

He is very close to his players
According to Didier Drogba, a former Chelsea player, when Mourinho was coaching them, the players referred to him as Daddy and this was confirmed when he left Inter for Real Madrid and he was pictured in tears with defender, Marco Materazzi as they bid farewell to each other.

What he studied
He studied sports science in the Technical University of Lisbon and he also attended coaching courses in Britain.

He went to business school
Although he went to a business school as his mother’s dream for him was for him to become a successful businessman, but he quit after this first day in the school.

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He is very generous
He auctioned his coat for tsunami relief efforts in a fundraising in 2005. It was sold and at the end of the day, £544 ooo was raised for the cause.

His work before he became a coach
Before he became a coach, he worked as a physical education teacher.

He is a serial winner
As explained above, he was able to win league titles for Spain, England, Portugal and England which he has coached.

He has won the European cup
He is among the few coaches that were able to win the European Cup with two different teams.

He is a sore loser
He does not take losing lightly as he often accuses referees of making bad decisions against his team when ever they lose a match.

He can be desperate
In 2004-2005, UEFA banned him from coming for Chelsea’s Champion League quarterfinal match with Bayern Munich, but it was reported that he arrived early and hid inside the dressing room just to be able to speak to his players.

According to the report, he was wheeled out in a laundry basket so that he would not be seen.

He has been arrested
He was arrested in 2007 after he refused to allow the police to quarantine Leya, his pet dog.

He likes attacking people
Recently, when some people said he does not work towards long term success, he shifted that to Arsene Wenger who he termed a failure for not leading Arsenal to victory several times.

He was named the best Portuguese coach
He was named as the best Portuguese coach of the century by the Portuguese Football Federation in 2015.

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He is married with children
He is married to Matilde Faria and they have two children, a male, Jose Mario Mourinho Jr. and a female, Matilde Mourinho .