3 Family Choices That Could Make Nigerian Great Again

3 Family Choices That Could Make Nigerian Great Again

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3 Lifestyle and Family Choices that Could Change Nigeria

Nigeria has a lot of challenges; Nigeria needs a lot of fixing. This is not even something to be debated. There are a lot of challenges in the country but we also have a problem of properly understanding the sources of these problems.  We easily talk about our leadership problems but we never really talk about how our personal and collective conditioning affect the state of this country

How can people who don’t take the responsibility in executing solutions for things that personally affect them be able to take a nation forward? How can people who do not personally esteem prudence make a nation great?

Simple examples of lifestyle choices that we often make can easily illustrate this. Let’s take a look at three.

Wedding costs and expectations

A young man earns only 50,000 a month and he’s only been employed for a year but he really wants to get married. He and his fiancée both believe that they can manage their financial challenges and make their marriage plans work but they’re not acting it.

First of all, instead of putting aside money to tide them over after the wedding, they plan a wedding that even their earnings cannot carry. They just believe things will work out plus they have all these people around them – parents, friends, relatives – who are not helping them to be prudent. They know the couple’s financial state but they keep making demands of standards that just silly. The couple go along with this foolishness and have to face a really hard life afterwards – struggling to even eat because they gave in to unreasonable demands over the demands of life after the wedding day. A clear case of wrong priorities but this couple would hardly see how this is similar to a government who would rather buy cars than build roads.


A lot of people are in financial crisis that make them unstable for many years because of the choices they made about their wedding ceremony. Some have taken bribes and involved themselves in fraudulent activities because of some unaffordable wedding they planned or because they were so broke after their wedding that they became desperate.

Child bearing and rearing

Following the financial shock of overspending for a wedding, many Nigerians do not recover from that before jumping into another trouble- having kids they can’t afford. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to after kids as soon as you get married but there must be planning. If you plan, you should have a budget for what you’re trying to do and that must involve taking out things you can’t afford if you want to accomplish your plans.

Many Nigerians take decisions on when to have kids or how many to have without even considering if they can afford it financially and logistically among other things. It’s like we want everything right now and it has a very great impact on the state of our nation.

A lot of people who are involved in the various forms of corruption and mismanagement in the land have given into it because of pressures relating to their family life and particularly the need to take care of their children; something that should’ve been planned for from the very beginning.

School fees

A lot of people in Nigeria are sending their children to schools with school fees that they can’t afford.

For many parents , paying school is not a straight-forward transaction; it comes with worry, anxiety and desperation. This is putting pressure on other areas of their life and family and is driving some of them to compromise at their jobs, take bribes, become sycophants and liars among other things.

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They are so many things we do in this nation at a personal or family level that have kept the quality of people’s lives low and have affected the country in more ways than we can imagine. Moving forward will require that we also address those things even as we address pressing national issues like poor infrastructure and leadership.

If you want to share any other lifestyle or family choices that you feel has a negative impact on progress in Nigeria, feel free to do so in the comments section.