5 Tips for Choosing Wedding Day Earrings

5 Tips for Choosing Wedding Day Earrings

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– Dos and don’ts for wedding day earrings

– Simple and helpful tips


Wedding Day Earrings

One of the little but mighty accessories that can make a whole lot of difference in a wedding look are earrings. Whether it’s a pair of simple studs or something more dramatic, earrings can make your wedding dress pop and give coordination to your other accessories.

wedding day earrings

The good thing about wedding earrings is that there’s a lot more room for manoeuvre and expression of your personal stylish. However, there is a need to be cautious because wedding earrings can easily go from different and dramatic to tacky.

To avoid last-minute wedding jewellery blunders,  here are 5 simple tips that can guide you in your choice of wedding earrings:

Try it on with your wedding dress

When shopping for your wedding dress, it is advisable that you be on the look-out for earrings that you think would be most suitable for you and your dress. In fact, you should be on the look-out for all your wedding accessories as you shop for your wedding dress.

The main aim of this is so that you can try on your earrings with your dress and any other accessories you want to use and see how it fits. If you’re planning to use a tiara or a wedding hair piece that doesn’t come in a set with your earrings, then it’s best that you try everything on together before the D-day.

You don’t want to leave everything till the last minute and be unpleasantly surprised.

Don’t go too big

Big wedding earrings are cool and it looks like they’re here to stay but you can actually over-do it.

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While you may need to wear something bold and prominent for your earrings not to get lost in a bejewelled or intricately designed dress, don’t go for earrings that are too big especially if you’re wearing a dress that already has a lot of embellishments.

Choose with hairstyle in mind

wedding day earrings

Your wedding hairstyle should also influence your choice of earrings. If you’re letting your hair down, you can afford to wear something that makes a real statement so that your earring wouldn’t be overshadowed by the hair. However you can also choose something simple if you’re more about the hair than the earrings.

If your hair is let down, you need to be careful not to wear something that is too long or something with designs that might get caught in your hair, making you uncomfortable or messing with your hairstyle.

Up-dos can take virtually any earring style; just don’t over-do it.

Choose with wedding dress in mind

wedding day earrings

After you, your wedding should be the star in many ways, your accessories should be tailored around your dress and not to have each one doing its own thing.

If you wedding dress has a lot of bling or any other attention-claiming designs, you must find the balance between earrings that won’t get  lost in the dress and earrings that won’t make everything look too much or too busy. You need to keep that in mind.

One way to really give your earrings the spotlight in a way that also showcases your wedding dress is to choose dramatic earrings if you’re wearing a simply styled dress or made a simple fabric like cotton.

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Go for comfort

wedding day earrings

This is a no-brainer; don’t wear wedding earrings that you don’t feel comfortable in. No matter who said what or who suggested what, make sure you go for earrings that suit your taste, that suit what you can carry and suit the idea that you have in mind for yourself. They shouldn’t be too heavy or painful neither should they be something you’re unsure about.

It’s your big day; that little feeling of inadequacy might show up in your look or even in the pictures!