5 Tips To Help Improve Your Lung Health

5 Tips To Help Improve Your Lung Health

lung health
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– Your Lung Health Is Important

– Breathe Well

The role of our lungs in our day to day lives is an often overlooked one.

Without oxygen these cells will die off. Lack of sufficient oxygen can also make people prone to health problems like respiratory illnesses and even heart disease.

Regular daily activities often task your lungs to about 50 percent of their capacity. As a result, your lung needs to be challenged with more activity to help counteract the buildup of toxins. Here are some tips to help you improve your lung health.

1. Simple deep breathing

Deep breathing can keep your lungs healthy by helping it get close to its full capacity. Slowly inhale and consciously expand your belly as you do this. Also expand your ribs and allow your upper chest to expand and lift. After this, exhale as completely as you can by letting your chest fall and then contracting your ribs.

2. Counting on your breath

Another way to also increase your lung capacity is by increasing the time it takes to breathe in and then breathe out. Count how many seconds it takes you to breathe in and then breathe out. When you know how long, add one more second to each action. This helps to avoid your lungs being strained and uncomfortable.

lung health

3. Staying hydrated

Getting enough water and fluids throughout the day helps keep your lung’s mucosal linings thin, thus helping it function better.

4. Laugh

Laughing also helps work your abdominal muscles and increase lung capacity. It also helps clear out stale air from your lungs and allows fresh air get into your lungs.

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5. Be active

Regular intense activity is good for your lungs. Increasing your daily activities can help boost lung health in addition to boosting heart health and bettering your mood.