Wildfire tears Canada apart

Wildfire tears Canada apart


Wildfire tears Canada apart-

– Wildfire destroys about 1600 homes and about properties.

– The wildfire is unexpected and would continue for weeks unless the rain falls.

Wildfire tears Canada apart

Canadian wildfire tears the country apart as the raging wildfire has currently destroyed homes. The wildfire has currently stopped the police as they are escorting citizens out of the city.

The police-escorted convoy of 1,500 vehicles was due to pass by the southern part of the city but was stopped for an hour. Parts of the city in the province of Alberta have been destroyed after a huge wildfire struck earlier this week.

The evacuating Officials had said it would take four days to move all the evacuees as the fire is really having an impact on movement.

Wildfire tears Canada apart

“We stopped due to heavy smoke,” said Sgt Jack Poitras of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. “You get flames of 100, 200ft up in the air on both sides of the road so it’s not safe.”

Tens of thousands of people have already left Fort McMurray, as some predictions are that the fire could double in size by the end of Saturday.
The city is in the heart of Canada’s oil producing country and there are fears that an oil field could explode.

Twenty minutes south of Fort McMurray, the road forks into two branches. By noon on Friday, both were ablaze on either side.

We watched with the police as the skies filled with grey and black smoke and flames roared into the air, devouring even the tallest pine trees. The danger, said one officer, was “tentacles growing out of the fire”, which could end up looping around and trapping people.

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There are no reports of injuries or deaths but several residents who may have survived the fire have apparently been spotted in Fort McMurray.

Wildfire tears Canada apart
Officials trying to help the situation
Wildfire tears Canada apart
About 1600 Burnt vehicles and homes

Teams are now sweeping the city in case any homeless people were left behind as a result of the evacuation.

There is also concern about oil facilities, particularly near Nexen’s Long Lake oil extraction site.
“We’re looking at a blast area of about 14 kilometres if that plant were to go,” said Sgt Jack Poitras.
In a statement released on Friday afternoon, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called upon Canadians to donate to charities assisting relief efforts.

“I would once again like to thank the many first responders who are working tirelessly, day and night, to fight this fire,” Mr Trudeau said.

“To those who have lost so much: we are resilient, we are Canadians, and we will make it through this difficult time, together.”

But Chad Morrison, Alberta’s manager of wildfire prevention, said that what they really need is rain.
“We have not seen rain in this area for the last two months of significance,” Mr Morrison said.

According to BBC News, it was gathered that Without rainfall, officials predict that it could be “weeks and weeks” before the fire is completely out.