6 Causes Of Puffy Eyes

6 Causes Of Puffy Eyes

puffy eyes
woman with puffy eyes

– 6 Causes Of Puffy Eyes

– Fluid Retention Can Worsen It

Having puffy eyes, especially on days when you’re supposed to look your best can be very worrisome. This is even worse when it is followed by redness, dark circles around your eyes, irritation and under-eye bags.

Eye puffiness is often caused by by fluid accumulation. Fluid collects around the eye and it’s surrounding tissue, causing any swelling to be visible. This fluid retention is often caused by consuming foods high in sodium or not getting enough sleep. Here are some causes of puffy eyes.

1. Allergies

When the skin around your eyes comes into contact with allergens like pollen, dust mites or animal dander, it may result in swelling in the affected region. These allergens can also get to your eyes through your nose.

2. Conjunctivitis or pink eye

Having conjunctivitis can cause the mucus membranes lining your eyes to turn pinkish-red and swell up, causing discharge too. Eye puffiness can occur in both viral and bacterial conjunctivitis. Pink eye caused by allergies can also cause eye puffiness.

puffy eyes
woman pointing at puffy eyes

3. Your contact lenses stay in too long

Leaving your contacts in for too long prevents oxygen from reaching the eyes, which can make your corneas swell. Sleeping with your lens in can also make the swelling worse and cause it to be more visible.

4. Tears

When you cry, your tears come in contact with your ocular tissues which have a high salt content, causing the tissues to swell. Rubbing your eyes when you cry can also worsen the swelling.

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5. You Have Too Much Sodium

Sodium causes fluid retention in tissues,including the tissue around your eyes too. Sodium is the main mineral in salt so eating a lot of salty foods can cause puffy eyes.

6. Excess alcohol

Alcohol can lower an anti-diuretic hormone in your body which results puffiness. Too much alcohol consumption may also cause difficulty sleeping, which then causes fluid retention.