6 Home Products That Emit Radiation

6 Home Products That Emit Radiation


– 6 Home Products That Emit Radiation

– They emit only small amounts of radiation

Judging by the amount of sci-movies on the subject,, exposure to radiation is bad for your health. However, the risk of getting exposed to dangerously high levels of radiation is quite low. Everyday however, you’re exposed to small amounts of radiation from materials and products that can be found around your home. Here are 6 home products that emit radiation.

1. Television Sets

Television sets and computer monitors that contain a cathode ray tube can emit low-level X-rays. Today’s generation of flat screen television and TV monitors don’t use cathode rays so are safe but if you have the hold types, you may want to stay at least 2-3 feet away from the set.

2. Drinking water

Drinking water can contain low levels of radiation. This is because it is mostly sourced from lakes, rivers, or wells. As a result, it can pick up radiation from natural sources like soil and rocks. Water bodies sited close to nuclear power plants are also vulnerable to contamination due to coming in contact with radioactive waste.

3. Natural gas

Natural gas used in cooking, heating or for other household use and purposes may also increase your exposure to radiation. These amounts are often so minute so they can’t actually harm your health.


4. Consumer products

Everyday products like watches, clocks, cell phones, fluorescent lamps, computers, televisions, glass and ceramic also emit some form of radiation. Cell phones give off radio frequency waves which aren’t as strong as X-rays. These radiations are however low enough that they have no noticed effect on your health.

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5. Soil

Radioactive particles exist in soil from various sources. This includes those remaining from the Earth’s original crust, resulting from cosmic radiation, or absorbed from man-made sources like nuclear power plants. These radioactive particles are also released from the soil into the gas we inhale or get taken up in water and by plants.

6. Radon

Radon is a type of radioactive gas that you can’t be seen or smelt, but may be in your home. It results from natural decay of uranium in the ground, and gets trapped within the building. It may also be present in construction materials. Radon could also be found in water or dust particles and is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the US, after smoking.