6 issues employers and employees need to address in the workplace

6 issues employers and employees need to address in the workplace

There are some issues employers are employees need to talk about

– The issue of risk taking by the employees.

– The issue of tardiness.

Both the employers and the employees come from two different backgrounds and it is likely that they would think differently and have different ideas, yet for the smooth running of the business, they would be required to put their differences aside and focus on the ways they can move the organisation or company forward.

The employer is the boss who is in charge of making sure that everything goes fine, so he would be required to have a meeting with his staff members and discuss issues that may become problems if not properly addressed.

Naiijapr presents you with some issues both of them need to talk about for the smooth running of the organisation.

The issue of risk taking by the employees
A lot of employees are scared of doing things in a way that would disappoint or annoy their employers, so they keep asking for the decision of the employers every time before they implement their ideas.

Note that the consistent use of this technique can never develop and improve the employee, rather, it would make such employee dependent on the boss which would not make the worker grow.

Rather than let this happen, the employer should sometimes make the employees think about and give a solution to the matter on ground instead of telling them what to do regularly as this would enable them to be able to think critically.

The issue of communication
A lot of employees err in one or two directions with the issue of communication with the boss. It is either they share too much details or they don’t share enough information.

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The solution would be for the boss to educate the employees on their right preferences for detail when they are providing detailed reports and briefings.

Some bosses can prefer daily communication and status updates while others would prefer periodic communications and updates. Either ways, try to highlight your communication protocol.

Note that when your employees understand how to communicate with the right level of detail, it would be able to eliminate guessing on the part of the employees.

Discuss the difference between a reason and an excuse
In this context, a reason is a tangible excuse why the worker was not able to get a particular project done at the appointed time while an excuse is a flimsy reason why the worker was not able to meet up. Discuss the consequences for giving excuses after not getting the work done.

The issue of gossip                          
No employer would like workers who would keep discussing about the issues of every other person in the office because apart from the fact that they waste the time they are supposed to be using for something productive talking, they also create a hostile environment for their victims.

Therefore it would be important for employers to share the destructive potential of gossip with their employees and also reinforce the need for them to ignore gossip.

The issue of time
The employer should discuss the time for resumption to the office and also closure from work. You should also talk about the consequences of not finishing projects on time and the advantages of staying overtime in the office once in a while to complete assignments or do extra work.

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When as the employer, you reinforce the culture of accountability to your staff, they would be able to meet up your targets.

The issue of tardiness
Punctuality is the soul of business. Just like we have workers that come in early to work, we also have workers that come in late. Their late arrival would not do the company any good, so it is up to the employer to discuss the importance of coming early to work and also discuss the penalties for coming late to the office.