7 Covenant Doctors For Divine Health

7 Covenant Doctors For Divine Health

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7 Covenant Doctors For Divine Health (Ex. 15:6)

The Chief Physician is the LORD but HE has given us some others that we need so we don’t stay on the queue for healing. The first thing GOD did after delivering Israel from Egypt was to give a covenant of healing. It shows the importance of health for HIS people. HE knows that destiny is at the mercy of good health. If you keep your part, HE will keep HIS. The doctors are the following.

1. Eat correctly

This doctor says you should mind what you eat or what you eat may eat you up. The first instruction GOD gave to our parents in the Garden of Eden was what to eat, Gen. 1:29, 2:17. Someone rightly said that many people dig their grave with their teeth. They buy anything & swallow anything that comes their way. You are what you eat. Eat only good things, Ps. 103:5. Beware of junks. Most foods we eat today are poison. They smell & taste good but do you bad. Sugar has been linked to arthritis, cancer & high blood pressure. Eat moderately. Daniel ate moderately, & he lived over eighty years old; he survived six governments, Dan. 1:8, 14-16. Many Christians are sick today because of careless eating habit. An overweight invites early disease & death. It shortens life by 5 years, same does smoking. Health isn’t only prayer & anointing oil. Eating between meals should be avoided. If you must snack between meals, do so with fruits.


2. Drink plenty of water

Water is the most important ingredient in the body. Your body can do without food for about 5 weeks, but an average person can’t live 5 days without water. Don’t dry up in fasting. Jesus Christ fasted for forty days & forty nights & was hungry not thirsty. Your body is 70% water, your brain is 75% water, your muscle is 75% water, & your blood is 80% water, while your bones are 25% water. Therefore your body requires regular drinking of water daily. Eat fruits as they contain water. It helps your digestion. Your skin looks fresh. The mind functions better. It prevents body odor. It helps to ease body pains. It reduces blood pressure. It relieves ulcer. Taking cold water to eat is counterproductive as it washes away enzymes that help digestion.

3. Take time to rest.

If you refuse to rest, you will be laid to rest. If you don’t set apart time to rest, you will fall apart, Gen. 2:2, Ex. 31:16-17. That’s why there is no program in church every day. Respect the law of rest. It increases your productivity as stress is reduced. One becomes less irritable. Husbands should help their wives to rest. Develop regular sleeping plan & stick to it. Don’t let issues stay on your heart, pray about it.

4. Exercise regularly (1Tim. 4:8)

It helps to ensure circulation of blood & lymph. Many tissues depend on the lymph. It provides oxygen for blood. Eating too much food & exercising little can cause cancer. When you exercise, you sweat & toxins are removed. It strengthens & tones the muscle of the heart. It reduces stress & also helps the mood by releasing endorphins to the blood system. It promotes self-esteem & makes you attractive. Walk more rather than send someone on errand. Engage in different forms of exercises.

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5. Maintain your joy

70% of diseases are psychosomatic, i.e. they are mind induced, Prov. 17:22. Joy on the inside revitalizes the body on the outside. Emotional breakdown is linked to pains of the past, Prov. 18:14, Neh. 8:10. Let it go! When you laugh, it’s called inner jogging. Your organs are happy when you do so. Couples should endeavor to make their marriages heaven on earth.

6. Medical care

GOD is not against medical care. HE is not the enemy of doctors. If you have prayed & are not yet healed, go to the doctor. Taking medicine is not sin, but living healthy without drugs is better, Lk. 5:31. Doctors care, GOD is the ONE who heals. Medical care is ordained by GOD as an emergency to heal the sick. Go through medical care & build your faith from there.

7. Take dominion (Gen. 1:28)

If symptoms of a disease show up, don’t entertain fear. Take dominion immediately over these symptoms. When you fear, the devil takes an inroad. Reject & send it back to the sender.