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All truth is parallel; we need a basic understanding of farming to understand the laws that govern financial harvest in the kingdom, as it does for the farmer.

1. You must plant seed (Eccl. 3:2, Gen. 8:22, 2 Cor. 9:10)

Any cash that comes your way contains two parts: the seed part to sow and the bread part to eat. GOD cannot bring forth a financial harvest unless you plant part into HIS work. No matter how fertile a ground is or how strong the seed is, if the seed is not planted, there would not be a harvest.

#Do not be deceived, it is not how hot your prayer for prosperity is, but the seed you plant – you must plant your seed.

2. You must plant what you expect to harvest (Gal. 6:7)

It is not the kind of harvest you need that determines the harvest you receive but the kind of seed you sow that determines the harvest you get. GOD does not respond to your need but to your seed. GOD never gets things mixed up. Something you already possess is the key to your future. In Lk. 6:38, ‘it’ being referred to in the verse represents what you sow; if you give money, you get money; if you give love, you get love etc. plant what you expect to harvest.

3. Give your seed a specific assignment.

Not all seeds yield the same quantity of harvest, some yield thirty-fold, some sixty-fold while some hundredfold. Not all harvests come at the same season. One way of giving your seed an assignment is to receive a word from the bible and speak it over the offering as in the case of tithes – you speak Mal.3:10 over it and you would see the harvest.


Prosperity is a function of what you know not your job. It is a function of revelation. There is also the place of offerings besides tithe. First fruits also, (Gen. 4:4, 14:20) – it is the first profit from your business. It is your first salary in the year. It is the first rent on your property. It is your first additional income. It is your first salary from your new job (Pr. 3:9-10) By giving first fruits, you are giving instruction to the subsequent profit that would follow (Rm. 11:6).

Also, there is the prophet’s offering (Matt. 10:41, Gal. 6:6). Anything that is missing remains missing until you minister to the man of GOD in your life (1 Sam. 9). Take care of the man of GOD and you would see progress in your business. Give to the poor too. Until you are concerned with the needs of the needy, your needs remain.

4. Sow seed in proportion to the desired

The size of seed determines the size of harvest (2 Cor. 9:6). Financial harvest is not just by prayers or wish but by seed sown. Everyone has something to sow – start with what you have. Tithe in view of your desired income. Plant in the season for planting and not when the need arise.

5. You must sow consistently

Make effort to do this. Give your way out of the level you are. Your harvest too becomes consistent (Eccl. 11:6). Plan your giving (1 Cor. 16:1-2). Do not let it be until you feel like giving that you do it. Do not sow according to circumstances. Any current loss is recouped by sowing more seed presently for future harvest.

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6. Maintain your crops for proper harvest.

Ensure your crop is in the proper environment. Pests like ingratitude, lack of appreciation, complaints, grumbling, negative confessions etc. can kill the crops.

7. You must always wait

Reaping does not follow sowing but waiting. Do not expect to reap on Monday what you sowed on Sunday. There is a period between sowing and harvesting (Eccl. 11:1). Impatience would cancel your harvest. Do not cancel it by complaining. Isaac reaped a hundredfold in the same year of sowing not the next day or month. Sowing is not a casino. There are different times of harvest for different seeds (Gal. 6:9). Now take authority after sowing. Give consciously and expect consciously.