7 Likely jobs that won’t be around in ten years

7 Likely jobs that won’t be around in ten years

A bank cashier and another cuatormer

– Postal workers.

– Newspaper delivery guys.

– Printers and  publishers.

A telemarketer

Gone are the days when a lot of companies required workers to take care of the day-to-day activities. Now that Technology has taken over, less man power is needed and instead, companies are focused on using machines that would make their work easier and faster.

As an aspiring busines person trying to follow your passion and look for the right job to do or a business to invest in, you need to know that there are kinds of businesses that might not stand the test of time.

Therefore if you are thinking about a permanent job or business, you should think twice before choosing any of them. Naijapr presents you with eight of them.

Gone are the days when people were seriously in need of a Telemarketer. Nowadays, as a result of more efficient ways of communicating such as texting and email, it is likely that telemarketing would soon become a thing of the past.

Travel agents
Due to the rise of the internet and the ability to book trips using traveling sites, travel agents are not as needed as before.

In fact, making use of one is now considered old school by most people and is now fading out of the system as gone are the days when third parties would be needed to help travelers find better deals when about to travel. The internet has made it easier now.


Postal workers
Based on the rise of technology such as texting on phones and the email communication, the need for poster workers is slowly dwindling away and currently, it has a little chance in growth and advancement.

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This is because instead of posting a letter that could take forever to reach the recipient, the sender only needs to send a text and it would be delivered immediately (if the network is good).

Printers and  publishers
The print media is fading out of the industry as we have more and more consumers going digital for their news and even books.

To buttress this point, a close scrutiny has shown that apart from the fact that they are fading out to give rise to new digital media companies, they have also been having a hard time keeping up with the times.

It is likely that soon, their services would not be needed as instead, people would start making use of the computer for transactions.

In line with this, there is already online banking and it is only a matter of time before they would not be needed.

Newspaper delivery guys
It is quite easy for readers to open their gadgets to check online at any day and any time for the particular news that they want to read and therefore the newspaper delivery guy may not be needed anymore.

But this is subjective as there are some people who argue that reading news on the screen don’t have the same appeal as reading it in the paper.

Although librarians are very useful in helping book lovers point out the right book and they manage immense collections with remarkable accuracy, online librarian services are now common place for people as one needs to only click book sites on google and the person would get the books needed.

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Do you have any other job you think won’t stand the test of time? Please fell free to comment.