8 Bag Trends For Spring/Summer 2017

8 Bag Trends For Spring/Summer 2017

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– Spring 2017 bag trends

– What’s in vogue for bags in  summer 2017


Summer 2017 Bags

Bags are an important of women’s fashion and like other aspects of fashion like clothes, shoes, hair, etc., bag trends come up every season. While this doesn’t mean that you should throw away the favourite bags in closet, you need to pay attention to what is in vogue. This will help you work what you have and whatever new stuff you decide in a way that keeps you stylish.

While you’re not trying to be a trend chaser, you need to be aware of and incorporate the latest trends into your dressing do you don’t look like a monument.

Well, we’re looking at bags in this piece and  the trends that came off the designers’ creations and the runways.

Here are 8 of them to look out for:


1. Tiny Bags

One of the spring/summer 2017 are really small bags that can fit in very little.

A number of designers feature their own versions of these miniature, minimalist pieces. From Valentino to Fendi to Louis Vuitton, small bags are a thing for this year’s summer.

A lot of them featured in a pair with larger ones but they seem like something that can be carried alone maybe if you don’t intend to carry too much.

2. Shiny, Metallic Bags

Bags that come with a metallic finish are an item this summer. They are a modern re-invention of these icons of 80s style in their blend with other fabrics and colours. They also come in really creative and outstanding shapes.

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If you have something that fits this trend, you can dust it up and enjoy it all over again. You can always choose to buy something new and shiny.

3. Attachments

This interesting  spring 2017 handbag trend is really adorable even if it has no real purpose apart from looking cute. Many designers featured purses that had these little adornments.

4. Large Duffel Bags

bag trends, naijapr, fashion
Marc Jacobs

This trend merges practicality with fashion and a lot of ladies would be happy about this. Large travel and duffel bags were among the highlights of the spring/summer 2017 bag trends.

Now ladies can go on their vacations in stylish and spacious bags.

5. Prints and Appliques

bag trends, naijapr, fashion

Floral prints for a fresh and springy mood, animal prints to channel the jungle , prints and appliques that gave off a hippy energy.  All these feature across designer collections from this year’s spring and summer.

6. Fringes and Tassels

Some reminiscence and inspiration from the Wild West pushed a break-out of bags with tassels on their sides blended in with suede. There are also fringed bags ; all of it came to produce this edgy but care-free style statement.

7. Chain Straps

There were a lot of chain-strapped bags for this season and they came all sorts of metals. The contrast they created with some of the classy leather and suede styles of the bags are really unique.

8. Reusable Shopping Bags

bag trends, naijapr, fashion

As consciousness about the keeping things green and caring for the environment picks up, fashion is also trying to do its bit. So, the 2017 summer bag trends reiterate the idea that it is cooler to use reusable bags and leave out those one-time shopping bags.

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Grocery stores around the world will increasingly ban plastic bags and the designers are trying to prepare us for that.

By the way, what’s not to love about stylish shopping bags that you can use over and over again?