8 Common incorrect sentences People make

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    – No one is an island of knowledge.

    – Even intelligent people make mistakes.

    1) Incorrect: The food is very sweet.
         Correct: The food is very tasty.
         Note: Sweet is used for sugary things. Tasty is the right word for this expression because tasty means “have an agreeable taste”. copyright. www.naijapr.com

    2) Incorrect: I want to travel in a luxurious bus.
         Correct: I want to travel in a luxury bus
         Note: Luxury as an adjective is used to explain the condition of the bus while luxurious means enjoying pleasures of luxury, therefore, the right word to use in that context is luxury, not luxurious.

    3) Incorrect: I cannot marry him because he is an illiterate.
         Correct: I cannot marry him because he is illiterate or he is an illiterate man.
         Note: The use of “illiterate has been used to qualify the person. You don’t need “an”.

    4) Incorrect: Sade is my junior sister.
         Correct: Sade is my younger sister.
         Note: Junior is used to reflect rank while younger means not advanced in age, in relation to an older person.

    5) Incorrect: Tola has all I need in a woman. She is a very fie lady.
        Correct: Tola has all I need in a woman. She is a very beautiful lady.   copyright. www.naijapr.com
        Note: Fine can only be used to explain non-living things. An example is you have a fine house.

    6) Incorrect: Good is spelt G, double O, D,
         Correct: Good is spelt G, O, O, D.
         Note: Alphabets that co-occur together in a word are spelt differently.

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    7) Incorrect: Wow! That boy is too tall than his friend.
         Correct: Wow! That boy is taller than his friend.
         Note: You should know that adverbs of degree such as “so, too and very” cannot be used before any comparative adjective.

    8) Incorrect: You still behave like a baby. You are not matured at all.
        Correct: You still behave like a baby. You are not mature.
        Note: Matured usually functions as the simple or past participle of the verb “mature”. Mature without the d is the usual form of the adjective used before a noun and it means to have experience. copyright. www.naijapr.com