Actual ways to survive a Broken Heart

Actual ways to survive a Broken Heart

Actual ways to survive a Broken Heart

– The end of a relationship is like death.

– The best way to ease your pain is to transfer all that  energy into helping others.


Truly, there is nothing worse than a broken heart. The pain you feel both in your head and heart is unbearable. The end of a relationship is like death. A huge emptiness is experienced and you grieve over your loss. A quote says ‘to fall in love is awfully simple but to fall out of love is simply awful’. Especially if you really wish the relationship lasts. There is no quick or simple way to stop your heart from hurting. To stop loving is not an option when those you love deeply reject you or leave you with a broken heart. However, this should not stop you from loving again.

Here are effective ways to heal your broken heart:

Go through it
The most difficult thing someone with a broken heart could do is to go through the pain, but that is exactly what must be done to prevent the pain from eating you up. It is advisable to go through it and not around it. Going through the pain make you feel like a stringer person who is ready to tackle problems. This will make the pain lose it stronghold on you.

Appreciate your independence again
Ensure you fall in love with yourself and not trying to jump into another relationship or so desperate to win your partner back. The most direct path to happiness and peace is detachment. Tell yourself good and nice things repeatedly. Say things that make you happy and habits that you successfully overcome. It is your responsibility to be happy.

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Help someone else
The best way to ease your pain is to transfer all that energy into helping others. When you divert all the energy into helping someone especially someone that is also going through the same kind of pain. In that moment you forget about yourself and that makes you feel good. By helping them, you are also helping others.

Laugh and cry
There are many psychological reasons that contribute to the healing power of tears. Emotional tears contain toxic biochemical by products. It also removes toxic substances and also relieves emotional stress.

Find hope
There is a powerful quote that says ‘there is one emotion that is stringer than fear, and that is forgiveness’. Hope is believing that the sadness can be erased. In order to forgive and move past fear, you need to find hope again. It is required of everyone that is experiencing a broken heart to love again because the heart only expands with the love we are able to pour forth.