Advantages of mixing business with pleasure

Advantages of mixing business with pleasure

There are some advantages of mixing business with pleasure

Even though we have a lot of disadvantages of mixing business with pleasure such as the fact that it would encourage peddling,   the objective of the day may get forgotten, and there could be abuse of power, just like two sides of a coin, we also have a lot of disadvantages, some of which would be explored in this article.

Check them out.

You would get more clients
In order to get more clients, a lot of businessmen have resulted to making friends with their clients because building rapport with them would build a good business relationship.

Note that according to most experts, if you want to be successful in business, you need to be friendly and make good relationships.

It would create an effective team
One of the pros of mixing business with pleasure is the fact that when people in the company are friends or are in a romantic relationship, as a result of their relational and productive common interest, they are likely to make a great team which would in turn benefit the company.

It would help you pursue a balanced version of your personality
It would be exhausting if you have to switch from your professional life to your personal one. Note that most people who separate this two have different sets of friends, clothing and even makeup which is very tiring and exhaustive.

Yet, such people would be able to make all these blend together if they merge and blend the business and pleasure aspects of their lives.

It creates a more balanced professional life
A lot of people who don’t have a more balanced professional life are those that don’t talk about their other priorities outside the office.

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They would keep being saddled with different responsibilities, but when clients and business associates know about your personal life, it is likely that they would not ask you to pull long nights and weekends hours, then you would also not get held up.

Most people do business with those they trust
It would be necessary for businessmen to allow clients mix themselves into their personal lives because people need to know you before they can trust you.