Advantages Of Using Facebook Messenger Lite App

Advantages Of Using Facebook Messenger Lite App


– New Lite app saves space and size.

– Offer goods and faster chatting services.

Facebook Messenger Lite is has been the talk of the town in recent times. Well the new update doesn’t just save you time because there’s less to fiddle with. The new app also spares you very real seconds and frustration by not sputtering under its own weight, as its fuller-featured counterpart most certainly can and does.

The Lite app takes up less than 10MB on your phone—and nearly 10 times less space than Messenger. The side benefit of stripping down so many features is that you use far less data. And it won’t stress your battery as much.

Facebook Messenger, the regular variety, is definitely one of those guilty parties that is carrying too much weight for most people to like and enjoy. App extensions and a bot store, Stories, customization chat colors, animated and oversized emoji, scannable profile codes.


Messenger Lite is the messaging app not just for people on a limited data budget, but also for those with limited patience for self-indulgent mobile apps. It’s also given Android users like me a rare advantage over our iOS compatriots, as Messenger Lite is still not available for the iPhone.

You can download the app from your device store, example Playstore. Once you’ve got the app on Android from the Google Play Store you’ll then need to open up the app and sign in with your normal account information, much like if you were setting up the normal Messenger app on your phone. Users will then be greeted with your normal list of active chats with your most recent messages, but a few features you may be used to using will be missing. Users won’t be able to video chat through Messenger Lite while the chat heads feature that pops up over the top of other apps won’t happen when using this version either.

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The key features of Messenger Lite are that you can send normal text based messages, emoji and photos, but that’s it. It means there’s no voice calling or other multi-media that will use up your data quickly, and hopefully should mean you save some internet each month.

Facebook Lite nor Messenger Lite contain the the kinds of augmented reality and camera effect features that Facebook’s main apps have. But it’s only a matter of time. Just yesterday, the company announced that it’s adding reactions, geofilters, and other subtle camera effects to Facebook Lite. You could imagine these features coming to Messenger Lite soon.