Amazing things you need to know about Pep Guardiola

Amazing things you need to know about Pep Guardiola

He is the current manager of Manchester United

-His career as a manager started when he was a player in Mexico.

-He has written a book.

-He does not conduct one-on-one interviews.

One of the most recognized managers in the football world who has distinguished himself from others is Pep Guardiola.

There are lots of amazing things you need to know about this distinguished player-turn manager and this article would explore them.

His origin
He is from Santpedor, a small Catalan town in north-east Spain.

It should be noted that, the home ground of local team, CF Santpedor was named Camp Municipal Josep Guardiola in honor of his achievement.

His career as a manager started when he was a player in Mexico
His coaching career formally started in 2007 at Barca B, but it should be noted that by then, he already had some experience of coaching in the recently formed Mexican side, Dorados de Sinaloa.

In line with this, after he finished his contract with Qatari club, Al-Ahli in June, 2005, he went to play for Mexico. While in Mexico, he kept following the coach then, Juanma Lillo whom he admired so much. He would carry a black book with him to training and write in detail all of Lillo’s exercises. Then when sessions were finished, he also stayed over. Then sometimes, he would take some of his team mates aside to explain some tactical and technical ideas to them.

Lillo who later admitted that he knew he would become  a great coach was so impressed with him then that whenever he was not in the match day squad, he would sit next to him on the bench.

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He has enjoyed success at three clubs      
He was able to make success as the coach of Barcelona and Bayern Munich. Now, as the coach of Manchester City, his team is on the first in the table and they have only been defeated once.

He is a valued coach
When he decided to leave Barcelona in 2012, his exit was not a happy one as the president, players, sporting director, and board members did not want him to go.

His exit was followed with a host of tribute videos and lots of farewell speech.

Although this was not the same for him when he was a manager at Bayern Munich as he left after his side were eliminated at the hands of Atletico Madrid, now, as the coach of Manchester city, not only has he made the club the first in the premier league table, they have only been beaten once by Liverpool.

He has written a book
Guardiola have written an excellent book, “La meva gent, el meu futbol (my people, my football) in conjunction with two of Spain’s most respected journalists, Lu Martin and Miguel Ric which has the potential to make a pretty penny.

The only problem is that it was only made available in Catalan and it is long out of print and he has shown that he has no interest in seeing it re-published.

He does not conduct one-on-one interviews
Pep is not known for conducting one-on-one interviews, only press conferences.

He had his first trophy with Barca B        
He won his first trophy as a manager in Spain’s first division with barca B after his side sealed the title in 2008. He called it one of the biggest joys he has experienced as a sportsman.

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He is an art lover
He has spent a lot of his sabbatical in New York around the galleries of the Big Apple after he left Barcelona.

He is married                             
He is married to Cristina Serra.