Aso Rock: The Tourist attraction

Aso Rock: The Tourist attraction


– Aso Rock: The Tourist attraction

– It’s the central home of Nigeria’s Federation

Rocks have been a very good tourist attraction all over the world. They hold a lot of beautiful sights and fill our memory with Awe. Nigeria would never be an exception in the way we tend to have our sight filled with such Awe.

The seat of Nigeria’s power

Here in Nigeria, when you hear of Aso Rock, what comes to your mind is the Presidential villa and all its clamor. Their the three major seats of power of the Nigerian Federal Government namely; Presidential Villa (Aso Rock Villa), National Assembly, and the Supreme Court, albeit the Aso Rock Villa building is the only structure built in the valley of the Rock. In the past, this place was a very lovely sight for a lot of visitors.

But in recent times in Nigeria, the high death rate from the Boko Haram people have made things very difficult for tourist. You must pass a lot of security before you can get close to those places. However, we still have tourist that visit that place each year. The number cannot be specified now.

If you are looking to catch all the great moments at Aso Rock, then you should visit this place in the day, between 8 am and 5 pm, as this the period when government functions like plenary at the Senate, House of Assembly, Children’ Parliament as well as proceedings at the Supreme Court are carried out at Aso Rock.

A road leading to the Vila’s

Much of the town extends to the south of the rock. “Aso” means victorious in the native language of the (now displaced) Asokoro (“the people of victory”). Well, have you ever tried knowing the history of Aso Rock? Then we hope to get it down for you one day.

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