Bad excuses to leave work early

Bad excuses to leave work early

There are some bad reasons to leave work early

-There are times when there would be an emergency and you would need to leave work.

-We have good and bad excuses.

Some employees are fond of leaving work early and coming in late, then when they are asked the reason why, they give lots of flimsy excuses which won’t even sound reasonable.

The impact of this on their career is that they might not be seen as being thrust worthy or responsible, then when they have a really good excuse not to come early to work or leave early, they might have trouble getting their requests granted and at the end of the day, their wish would not be granted.

Checkout some of the bad reasons for leaving work early.

Not having enough to do or feeling bored
That is not an excuse to leave work early or come in late. Every company has a standard. Try to follow it irrespective of the time you finish work.

Being hung-over
It is one thing for you to be ill and another thing for you to bring in the condition on yourself. Don’t expect any consideration or sympathy for the condition that you brought upon yourself.

Non urgent errands
Errands that can be dealt with outside work like getting your oil changed, your hair done, and grocery shopping can certainly be done outside work, which makes it a terrible excuse to tender.

Feeling stressed out
Although you can’t help it if you feel overwhelmed or stressed out, it would not be a good idea to make it known to your boss that you cannot handle the stress of the job. It is only when it gets extreme and you feel sick that it would become a good excuse to leave work.

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Going for a recreational activity
It is not acceptable for you to leave your work early because you want to go to play a game or any other recreational activity.

Going for another interview
If you need to go in for another interview for another job, then the only thing that can make this excuse legitimate is if you have been laid off.

Going to hang out with friends
This is not a very good excuse to give, Even if your best friend is coming to town, you would need to take a formal personal day off for this.

Note that if you continue to give flimsy excuses for coming late and leaving the workplace early, then you risk losing the trust of your fellow employees, and more importantly, that of your supervisor and manager.