Banga Soup: Preparation And Drills

Banga Soup: Preparation And Drills


– Soup: Preparation And Drills

– It can be eaten with several meals

Banga soup! This has been a very stable soup among the Igbos. You can be assured that 2 out of every 5 Igbo homes eat this soup every week. You may ask, what does it take to prepare and get this soup on your table? Follow us on the drills.

Here is a list of ingredients used in making Nigerian Banga soup (stew) ‘ofe akwu’, (as the Igbos like to call it). Most of these ingredients can be purchased from any Nigerian market or African shops in case you live outside Nigeria.

Serving: 6×2 Persons

Banga (palm fruit) (9-10 cups)

2KG of Meat

1 sachet of ‘Onga soup’ spice

A cup of Sliced onions

2 cups of sliced fluted pumpkin

2 cubes of Maggi

A cup of sliced Scent leave

Dried fish (500g)

Half cup of ground Crayfish

Fresh or dried pepper to taste

Salt to taste

How To Make Banga Soup (Ofe Akwu).
Cook the palm fruits (Banga fruits) for 30 to 50 minutes then pound with a mortar and pestle. Pour water into a bowl, add the pounded palm fruit and try to squeeze out the thick syrup.

The palm fruit juice is a major part of Banga soup this can also be used in making Nigerian soups (then you wouldn’t need palm oil).

Pour the squeezed-out thick juice into a bowl and set aside.

Wash the meat with hot water and parboil with a separate pot till it is tender (be sure to add the ingredients – use the 2 cubes of Maggi, a teaspoon of salt, half cup of onions.), It is possible to make a delicious meal with tasteless meat, that is the only reason I advise you to use lots of ingredients while parboiling the meat.


Then very little or none while making the main foods, just use the meat stock (water from the meat) and you will be fine.

Add the squeezed-out palm fruit juice to the boiling meat on fire.

Add the (dried fish and crayfish) to the cooking pot and cook for about 10 minutes
Add your spices if it is not yet as tasteful as required. (Sachet of “onga soup” and/or a cube of maggi, knorr or royco). Stir and add the scent leave (chopped), sliced onions, salt and pepper to taste.

Cover and cook for another minute then add the chopped vegetables (optional), allow to simmer for another 3 minutes and you just made a delicious Nigerian Banga stew (ofe akwu)

Serve with rice, yam or any other meal of your choice. You can also have this soup with any meal of your choice.

Get back to us and let us know how you prepared this meal.