Blessed Memory: 10 Nigerian Authors That are Must-Read

Blessed Memory: 10 Nigerian Authors That are Must-Read

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– 10 Nigerian authors to be remembered

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Great Nigerian Authors of Blessed Memory

Nigeria has been blessed many great writers but it’s amazing that we never talk about them enough. We see a new crop of promising authors coming up and if you think deeply, it’s a testament to the legacy of great writing that been left by the older generation.

The list of the great authors that Nigeria can boast about is really long but right now, we’d like to remember ten of the very best who are no longer with us.

Here they are:

Amos Tutuola

nigerian authors, naijapr, books

The most popular work of this Abeokuta-born author is The Palmwine Drinkard.  It has continued to receive great reviews from all around the world. His other books are also worth delving in to and if you’re looking to explore Nigerian literature, don’t leave Tutuola out.

Christopher Okigbo

nigerian authors, naijapr, books

Christopher Ifekandu Okigbo is a Nigerian author and poet who died in the Nigeria Civil war. His death was a great loss and he is still considered one of the foremost African poets of all times. Some of his works include Limits and Labyrinths: with Path of Thunder.

Flora Nwapa

nigerian authors, naijapr, books

Nwapa’s novel, Efuru, is her most famous and is considered as a pioneer work by an African female writer in English language. Besides her novels, Flora Nwapa also wrote short stories, poems and children’s books. The works of this talented woman are certainly worth reading.

Ola Rotimi

nigerian authors, naijapr, books

This is an accomplished Nigerian author and playwright whose works ought to be passed down through the generations. Some of his most popular are The Gods Are Not To Blame and Our Husband has Gone Mad Again.

T.M Aluko

nigerian authors, naijapr, books

Anyone who is familiar with Aluko’s works knows that he like his titles short, and catchy. Some of the favourites are One Man, One Wife and Chief, The Honourable Minister.

Elechi Amadi

nigerian authors, naijapr, books

Amadi’s novel, The Concubine, is probably the most well-known but his other works like Estrangement and Sunset in Biafria among others are actually as remarkable.

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Cyprian Ekwensi

nigerian authors, naijapr, books

This author has to his credit many novels, short stories and children’s books. If you’re looking for something engaging and stimulating, read Ekwensi. Some of the favourites are An African Night’s Entertainment and Burning Grass.

Ken Saro-Wiwa

nigerian authors, naijapr, books

This Nigerian writer, activist and TV producer of blessed memory is a hugely talented man of many parts. If you ever read any of his works, you would know. Apart from his very popular Basi and Company series, another recommendation would be this; Sozaboy: A Novel in Rotten English.

Chinua Achebe

nigerian authors, naijapr, books

If you don’t know Chinua Achebe, then, (no offense but) you’ve probably been living under a rock. If you don’t know that name, you should know his critically acclaimed book, Things Fall Apart. And even if you’ve heard of or read that book, you shouldn’t stop there because Achebe’s works are really good stuff.

Buchi Emecheta

nigerian authors, naijapr, books

Madame Emecheta is probably the most recent of Nigerian authors to pass away. The loss is tempered by the fact that she lived an interesting life to an old age and left a wonderful legacy of works to be remembered by.

The story of her personal struggles and triumphs are also something to be inspired by and if you read her works, you’ll know what we’re talking about. Novels like Second Class Citizen and The Bride Price are simply classics.


It would be interesting to learn about the works of these authors that are your favourites, so please share with us in the comments section. And although, this feature has been dedicated to authors of blessed memory, feel free to tell us about any of your favourite Nigerian authors.