When is Brymo Going to Blow?

When is Brymo Going to Blow?

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– Brymo in the midst of the deaf and blind


Okay, the title is just to get your attention but it’s justified because what I have to say is really important. I want to talk about some of the most talented Nigerian musicians who are doing great music and how they’re not getting the attention they deserve. It’s scandalous.

I like to go on YouTube to listen to or watch music videos from some of my favourite Nigerian artistes. I often do this just to see how much traction their music is gaining. These are people whose artistry and mastery of their craft simply shines through their music. The problem is that you get to their accounts and you see that these wonderful songs only have unbelievably dismal views after 6 months, 1 year or 3 years. I can’t understand it.

I don’t know much about this but I know that all over the world musicians who do certain genres or carry themselves with a certain awareness always get less attention but what I’m seeing here is too much. . I’m going to use one of my favourite artistes, Brymo, as my perfect example.

I’m not alone in my feelings about Brymo because any time I listen to him off these online platforms, most of the comments are always in line with my thoughts. How are so many people missing such great work and artistry?

I love Brymo and his music- his mind is amazing. He’s like the ultimate musician for me, like the one who is actually worthy of my fan-hood. For me, he’s that amazing and if you’ve been listening to him, you’ll probably agree with me. Brymo is the kind of musician that any country should be happy to gift the world and it is serious matter that he’s not getting the kind of recognition he deserves.


Maybe I should flip it and say it’s a shame that his music is not getting the kind of attention it deserves, particularly in his home land. However, he’s inseparable from his music and I just wish I could get many more people to listen to the great music he churns out. In other places, musicians like that may not be the most famous, but they get their due respect in form of awards and every other kind of industry and popular respect available.

I don’t want to talk too much but this thing is paining me. If you don’t know Brymo past his more popular songs like “Ara” or “Good Morning”, you are missing a lot. Go and listen to his albums and enjoy good music. Your life will never be the same again.

So I saw this recent interview Brymo granted with Pulse TV. He talks about his music and the music industry among other things. It basically addressed some of the things I’m talking about.