Challenges of working in a large law firm

Challenges of working in a large law firm

There are some challenges of working in a law firm

-There would be high billing quotas.

-There would be long hours.

-They have a long partnership track

Although working in a large law firm is the dream of many lawyers due to some advantages such as the fact that it would attract a higher salary, they get to meet rich clients and would have a more challenging job, still, it is not without its negative sides.

Below are some of them.

There would be long hours
One of the challenges of working in most large law firms is the fact that long hours is the norm there because it is likely that they would have more clients which means more work.

It would be competitive
It is likely going to consist of a wealth of high-caliber legal talent which would have to compete for a slice of the profits, limited partnership spots, the best assignments and promotions.

There would be high billing quotas
It should be noted that large law firms are very notorious for imposing high billable quotas which could equate to about 42 hours of billed time a week.

Also, non-billable tasks such as marking and administrative tasks are also inevitable, which equates to more time spent in the workplace.

They have a long partnership track
One of the advantages that a law firm has over the large one is the fact that unlike the large firm, the road to partnership in a small firm is shorter than that of the large firm as the large firm has many tiers and stricter requirements for advancement.

There would likely be irregular hours
Those in a large law firm are likely going to have to work during the weekend and sometimes late at night, just to get the work done.

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New associate may be asked to do mundane tasks
It is likely that new associates in large law firms would be asked to do mundane tasks like cite-checking, multi-jurisdictional research and document review while more experienced attorneys would take juicier assignments.

The requirement for attorneys would be strict
Those lacking in top academic credentials or experience may not have an opportunity to work in a large firm because according to research, most lawyers in a large law firm generally have first-tier law school training and superior academic credentials.

It would have a formal atmosphere
In large law firms, there is likely going to be a stricter dress code, conservative culture and definitely a more formal atmosphere.