Checkout google’s list of most searched clubs

Checkout google’s list of most searched clubs

Manchester United emerged as the first

Man City

-Manchester United emerged as the first.

-Liverpool and Arsenal were the second and third respectively.

-Man City did not make the top six.

Google has just released their search data for users on the United Kingdom version of their website.

According to their result, if the Premier League table was determined by Google searches, despite their overwhelming success, Manchester City would definitely not qualify for Europe as they are the seventh most searched top flight team in the United Kingdom throughout 2017.

The most commonly searched team in the Premier League is their rivals, Manchester United, followed by Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and Everton, and then Manchester City as the seventh.

The eight is West Ham, Ninth – Newcastle, tenth – Leicester, Southampton emerged as the eleventh, Crystal palace as the twelfth, West Brom as the thirteenth, Stroke as the fourteenth, the fifteenth is Watford, Burnley emerged as the sixteenth, Swansea as the seventeenth, Huddersfield as the eighteenth, the nineteenth as Brighton and the twentieth, Bournemouth.

This makes the ruling club one of the lesser searched teams in the Premier League, with Bournemouth remaining the lowest searched team despite entering their third year in the Premier League.


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