Checkout The New Pokemon Generation 3 Update

Checkout The New Pokemon Generation 3 Update


–  New update Pokémon Go is getting a weather system.

– The Geneneration 3 also have the Starter Pokemon, which is just like in the previous generations.


Since it’s release Pokemon has made major updates and advance changes to the AR game. Pokemon Go will be Updated to Generation 3 in the coming weeks. The new Pokemon Generation 3 will come with more Pokémon Aggron, Shiftry, Salamence, and Ludicolo shown off in the trailer for this update.

Also with this new update Pokémon Go is getting a weather system: depending on the weather, some Pokémon will be more prevalent (such as water types when it’s raining), and some moves will become stronger (such as fire moves on a sunny day).

The Generation 3 also have the Starter Pokemon, which is just like in the previous generations are near the top of the chart, each one representing 1 of the 3 elements Water, Fire, and Grass. Every Pokemon has a total of 3 evolution and the process of evolving will cause your Pokemon to gain more stats like Max CP and Defense and in some cases will gain an additional elemental type.

The Geneneration 3 also introduces 135 New Pokemon discovered in the Hoenn Region. Most Pokemon Released that cannot evolve a total of 21. Geneneration 3 has a set of Grass-, Fire-, and Water-type starters all its own. Gen 2 didn’t make any special use of its starters, aside from making them characteristically hard to catch and keeping them out of Pokémon Eggs for extended periods of time. It’s likely Gen 3 won’t either. Still, if the starters hold a special place in your heart, here’s a reminder of who they are in Gen 3:

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Gen 3 Grass-type starter Pokémon and evolutions
Treecko: Grass — 923
Grovyle: Grass — 1508
Sceptile: Grass — 2584
Gen 3 Fire-type starter Pokémon and evolutions
Torchic: Fire — 959
Combusken: Fire / Fighting — 1472
Blaziken: Fire / Fighting — 2631
Gen 3 Water-type starter Pokémon and evolutions
Mudkip: Water — 981
Marshtomp: Water / Ground — 1617
Swampert: Water / Ground — 2815

About the new Weather Effects Pokémon GO should now be able to sync with your local weather conditions. That will invoke some cool new animations onscreen, but it actually has gameplay effects as well. For all of the below types, the weather conditions equate to 25% more Stardust when caught, increased spawn rates and increased strength in battle:

Clear – Ground, Grass, Fire

Partly Cloudy – Rock, Normal

Cloudy – Fighting, Fairy, Poison

Snow – Steel, Ice

Rain – Water, Electric, Bug

Fog – Ghost, Dark

Windy – Dragon, Flying, Psychic

There is a so a new Pokémon Storage size, according to Pokemon there is going to be an increased to 1500 maximum. I’t not exact if users will have to buy their way that high with upgrades or if they’re given any base storage space as a bonus.

One last thing is the new charge attack. The battle system has not seen any major reworks, but there is one new addition where there’s now a dedicated button for your charge attack for easier access during fights.