– Resurgent China is becoming a match for USA

– Though they continue to be hated by the west, the African continent presents them more friends than needed

At last, the Chinese are here and let it be known that they have really come to stay. And you know why? They are simply getting their calculations right because they projected it and they foresaw the future that even their minds couldn’t cope with its reality. They simply kept on moving at a steady rate till they could gather enough momentum to meet up with the early riders.

However, they waited for the right time before they called for their relevance with the global powers. China achieved these without guns or missiles; all they did was act as the comforter (the banker with very low interest rate who wouldn’t ask for a collateral).

Right at the heat of African millennium expectation assessment whose success can be arguable, struck gold by bye passing the west (their main enemy).

This was how they started, while the west was developing at a drastic rate, they were trying to cope to find a balance between their old structure of governance and management with civilization.

President of the People's Republic of China, Xi jinping.
President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi jinping.

They were really successful at it but not without making sure that they cleared corruption to a good level which made it easier for them to make things work.

Even when it was difficult for them to hold on to themselves they had to sit tight and watch how the west were sending Africa back to the good old days when it was easy for anyone to feast on their resources.

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The Arab spring started theirs, nailed Libya to the cross (even though they were the ones who drove down to their death in a Bentley), waited for the South Africans to take a wrong step, continued to make sure the east Africans and the central Africans are still spoon fed.

All was not enough until the Big African Mum shot herself with her own poisonous bullet, and they were good enough to make sure that she didn’t get a quick treatment till they helped her to amputate it. Alas! She didn’t know that was all they were doing.

Just in time China showed up with prosthetic; I mean the infrastructure development fund they offered to Africa. Even though other Africa nations were scared to take up a large chunk. Some took little but they needed someone to lead the line for chunky lift. Dear Nigeria showed up and took the smart grab on the money.

Finally China is no longer a kid in Global power enlistment and they do not seem like they want to leave soon. They are not relenting in their surge to better conditions; they have even allowed the billionaires of the west to come into China to produce (although it’s something I have my fear for the big Silicon Valley sojourners).

These guys have simply waited for the right time to get their fair share of African influence as it seem to look like Africa is back to the Berlin conference again although this one is now via ”Telepresence” and the scramble for Africa seem to begin again but China are in the lead as it is. Let’s wait and the see the response from the west but I doubt if they can dangle such juicy offer to Africa or even if they can be trusted.

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China has the trust of the African nations and they are well hated by the west but they have a close friend named Russia in whom they are well pleased to be friends with. So, while the west tries to gain trust again China is busy sweeping the terrain. So as to allow their own commodity to come in while they expand production capacity and Africa “the glutton” keeps up with the responsibility of consuming.