Some of the common errors we make that are related to nouns

    Even intelligent people make these errors

    – Even intelligent people make them.

    – It is not too late to correct them.

    There are common errors people make that are related to nouns. Naijapr presents you with some of them.

    1) Incorrect: My sister and I ate bread.

       Correct: My sister and I ate a loaf of bread.

    Note: Bread is an uncountable noun. We cannot say two breads, three breads but two loaves of bread, three loaves of bread. copyright.

    2) Incorrect: I am having headache.

    Correct: My head is aching or I have pains in my head.

        Note: Headache is an abstract noun and is not possessive, one can only feel pains in the head.

    3) Incorrect: I was careful right from the onset of the journey.

    Correct: I was careful right from the outset of the journey.

        Note: Outset means the beginning of something and it is used for something positive while onset is used for something negative.

    4) Incorrect: It is my lucky.

        Correct: It is my luck.

    Note: Lucky is an adjective in this context, while luck is the noun. copyright.

    5) Incorrect: Give me chalk.

    Correct: Give me a piece of chalk.

    Note: Chalk is an uncountable noun. One should not say one or two chalks.

    6) Incorrect: I am going to pack my luggages and leave his house.

         Correct: I am going to pack my luggage and leave his house.

    Note: It should be noted that luggage does not take the finals’.

    7) Incorrect: My names are Oladimeji Bankole Williams.

        Correct: My name is Oladimeji Bankole Williams.

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        Note: Since the names belong to just one person, the singular form should be used. copyright.