Common kinds of workplace bullying

Common kinds of workplace bullying

We have lots of work bullies

-We have institutional bullying.

-Attention seeking bullies.

Bullying which is an act of intimidating a weaker person to do something that he would otherwise not do. It is also a persistent act with the intention to make life unpleasant for others. It occurs in a variety of different forms, both in the workplace, social and religious setting.

Note that bullying can be physical, verbal or psychological and it takes many forms such as a hurtful gossip, face-to-face confrontations, insults, ridicule and it could also involve offensive photos or objects which would be placed on the victim’s desk.

This article would deal with the ones that are specific to the workplace.

Institutional bullying
This type of bullying takes place when one of the accepted norm in the workplace is bullying. The workers there, especially the junior colleagues would become used to the fact that the person in the position of power applies constant pressure and is abusive.

In such a situation, it is likely that when the bully moves on to a new position, he is always replaced by another one.

Client bullying
Client bullying is one of the most common types of bullying and it is often abusive and frightening.

Examples here include bankers being intimidated by their customers, hospital workers threatened by their patients and teachers being threatened by their students.

While the clients would be frightened, it is likely that the bullying would be defended by the bullies as though it is merely a kind of justified criticism and it would go on and on.

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Attention seeking bullies
Attention seeking bullies are the ones who would want to be seen as the most effective workers. They would be willing to use any tactics to undermine people who they think perform better than them at their job.

What all these kinds of bullying tend to do is deny an employee access to useful resources, giving the person little or no feedback, threatening to make the person lose his/her job, sabotage or interference, harsh treatment and criticism.

If you are a victim, you need to try to deal with it because bullying which could cause a hostile work experience can make a worker fed up and unhappy about the job.

It should also be noted that a lot of people have killed themselves as a result of this.

Therefore, try to protect yourself from bullying in the workplace and in line with that, note that there are articles to help you with that.