Common lies job seekers tell during job interviews

Common lies job seekers tell during job interviews

There are some common lies job seekers tell during interviews

– I fit into the job description perfectly.

– I enjoy taking additional responsibility

After spending a few months looking for a good job and not getting it due to being over qualified and under qualified, a lot of job seekers have taken to lying in order to bag the job of their dreams.

Here are some of the common lies job seekers tell during interviews.

I love to try new things
Most companies would prefer to employ people who are willing to accept change with their hands open when the need arises, so job seekers tell this lie in order to be able to convince the interviewer that they are better than they really are.

I have a lot of leadership skills
One of the greatest skills employers look out for is leadership skills. This is because those with leadership skills always try to take control when things go wrong and also try to salvage a problem. So even though a job seeker has not been a leader before, he would tell that lie.

I always take corrections    
Really? After all the hard work one puts into making sure that a project turns out fine, who likes to hear criticisms and corrections instead of praises?

But job seekers would claim to be very humble and even love correction just to get the approval of their interviewer.

I fit into the job description perfectly
This is a very big lie. I once heard about a job seeker who when interviewed said he would fit into the job perfectly well without knowing the job description.

When he was told about it, he discovered he was not in any way qualified for the job and therefore could not pass the interview. He left the organisation shamed.

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I am passionate about what I do
A lot of people are no more passionate, but desperate. After being tired of seeking for the right job opportunity, they would start checking out available vacancies claiming to have a passion for it whereas they are just desperate.

I love staying busy
A lot of job seekers would say anything in other to look like the perfect candidates for the job whereas in the actual fact, staying busy make them stressed out. They say this because they know most employers would love to employ a hardworking staff who would be able to put a lot of energy into the work.

I enjoy taking additional responsibility
No one really likes taking additional responsibilities especially if the salary is going to remain the same, but job seekers say it in order to bag the job.

I quit my last job, I was not fired
While this might be true, most times, it is usually a lie and would be told by desperate candidate who while saying it would hope and pray that the interviewer does not find out that the piece of information is false.

I don’t get involved in office gossip
In order to let the recruiter get the impression that the job seeker is a mature person not interested in gossiping, a lot of job seekers tell this lie.

I love accepting different challenges
They would even go to further say that pressure brings out the best in them which is an absolute lie.

I am a good team player
Working in a group in reality is an absolute nightmare which only a few people excel at, yet, a lot of people would feel compelled to tell a lie just because they know that companies believe working in groups yield the best result.

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I am a people friendly person
All employees, especially the ones that interact with clients are expected to be people friendly, so a lot of job seekers tell this lie because they know that the ability to be friendly is an ability that employees look out for.