Dangers of mixing business with pleasure

Dangers of mixing business with pleasure

There are dangers of mixing business with pleasure

-It can influence peddling.

-There would be a perception of favoritism.

Mixing business with pleasure has some advantages such as the fact that it is more likely a friend or acquaintance would do business with you than someone you don’t know, then It makes life more colorful, it would enhance mutual understanding for each other and it would be easier to establish rapport with clients.

But even though it has a lot of advantages, it also has some hazards and this article would explore them.

The objective of the day may become forgotten
While mixing business with pleasure, if both of you are not able to decide exactly when you are supposed to get down to business, then it is likely that during a recreational occasion, you might get carried away as it is not very easy to swap roles and this would make the business counterproductive.

It can influence peddling
The act of mixing business with pleasure can lead to betrayals of trust and conflicts of interest which could lead to impartiality, and it also generates distrust.

The negative aspect of romance
Research has shown that about 40 percent of workers have dated their colleagues and while about 30 percent of their relationships end in marriage, the remaining don’t.

It is likely that the break-up would be awkward and for the first few weeks, there might be ugliness and hostility which can easily become an office scandal.

It is also likely that the workers would become less effective which would make the company start to lose money.


There would be a perception of favoritism
It is likely that mixing business with pleasure would lead to the case of a perception of favoritism, retaliation and lost productivity especially when it concerns relationships between the superior and the subordinates.

There could be abuse of power
Abuse of power may be a problem if the partners are at different hierarchical positions in the company. That way, the lower ranked person would be at a disadvantage while the person in the higher managerial position would be at an advantage.