A congregation


– The church is not the building

– You are the church

Have you wondered what is spectacular about Sundays? This is the day most Christians all over the world gather at their various centers of worship to carry out various activities. Though some people worship other days, but the most populous is that of the Sunday gathering.

It is no news that Christians are the people who come together on this day. First, let us consider what we mean when we say an activity is necessary and not compulsory.

Going to church is an activity that a Christian must engage in, it is requisite that is essential though, optional. Children might be forced to go to church by their parent but I bet you know that when they become independent, it becomes their choice.

These are some interesting reasons why you need to go to church this week rather than just stay at home doing nothing.


It is with God and men

I hear people say that what is important is their relationship with God. Either you have a relationship with God or not is solely left to you but what you need to know is that once you claim to have entered into fellowship with God, you need to fellowship with others. 1 John 1:3

It is a body

Have you heard a Christian describing the church as a body? Yes, that is what it is, just as every part of the body needs the other, so also do we need ourselves. Each person is a member of the body of Christ so long you belong to him.

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When you go to church, you are seen as important and treated that way. You are treated as a part of Gods body, it’s a feeling of importance.

God wants you to be there

The bible instructs us not to forsake the gathering of believers. When Christians come together, it is an avenue for them to be blessed.

Apostle Paul refers to the church as the bride of Christ, if GOD sees the church this way, then it’s of a great importance to him. If you love Him, you will treat important what is important to GOD.

We grow more

The fact remains that no one is perfect, we are all striving to grow. We need grace and our effort to keep growing. When we come together or gather as a church there is the place given for growth in our spiritual race. You grow faster in the midst of those that care about the progress you make. The church is the right place for you.

Powerful worship

You could worship God in your comfort zone, whenever you want. Have you experienced what worship in the church looks or feel like? If not, then you should gather with Gods people and see the power embedded in the beauty of worship.

The truth about this discussion is that the intrinsic motivation is the best, you alone can convince yourself and make you do what you think is necessary.

Sitting at home every day of worship doing nothing isn’t as profitable as when spending time with Gods family.