Dembele hits jackpot after finding treasure in his cellar

Dembele hits jackpot after finding treasure in his cellar

He discovered treasure worth one billion dollars

-He found the treasure in his hotel cellar.

-The treasures are worth £1million.

Football legend, Mousa Dembele who is a Tottenham star has hit the jackpot after he discovered treasure worth £1million in his new hotel cellar.

He had instructed the archeologists in charge of the rebuild to give the 700-year-old premises co-owned by his sister, Assita a check before the reconstruction and in the process, they found 18th century tableware, pottery, porcelain and glass.

According to Antwerp city archeologist, Tim Bellens, We found the items in a closed-off area in the cellar. It was pure chance, as the space did not match the building plan.”

He concluded that the building seems to have a high-class tavern or hotel in the past and it is not clear how the items got there as and it could be because the owners wanted to get rid of them

In line with that, his sister said, “This is something unique, and it fits perfectly with the building’s historic past.”

Some of the items would be given to local museums while the remaining would be put on display at the hotel.

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