Destroying The Yoke Of Frustration

Destroying The Yoke Of Frustration

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Destroying The Yoke Of Frustration (Lk. 5:1-10, Prov. 24:10)

Peter was on the verge of frustration to have been up all night fishing & catching nothing. He was disappointed. Frustration means to be disappointed & defeated. It’s from the Latin word which means ‘in vain’; it is to block or interrupt, defeat a person completely & to hinder & prevent by slowing down somebody.

Satan is the one who brings it. In order to avoid being frustrated, examine your life in every area to find out how you were in the particular state when you started. Frustration makes people overwhelmed. People who commit suicide begin with frustration. We are glad we are GOD’S children & we have a bright future, Jer. 29:11.

You must understand that that a path is blocked doesn’t mean there is no way there. GOD makes crooked paths straight. The fact that you didn’t make it initially doesn’t mean you should give up. Curses can frustrate one’s efforts. It is not GOD that brings blockage on your way. Ask GOD to reveal things to you.

The weapon of frustration is what the enemy uses against Christians & it makes them think GOD doesn’t care about them – GOD loves you! When a believer is attacked by the spirit of frustration, they give in to the devil’s suggestion. He entices one to try other options. People give up before the answer comes. You must understand that GOD never gives up on anyone until death, therefore don’t give up on GOD. Don’t accept ‘no’ for an answer. Only GOD can do the impossible. HE has power over all things. It’s not over until you win.


Types of Frustration

1. Internal frustration (Gal. 2:21)

This is a lot of times self-made & it frustrates GOD’S plan & purpose for people & prevents them from fulfilling GOD’S purpose for their lives. It comes by when GOD has given a particular instruction & it is disobeyed. Living in disobedience brings frustration into such a person’s life.

2. External frustration (Est. 1:4)

Vashti experienced this. It comes from weakness or weariness from within.

How then can this be destroyed?

  1. You must completely surrender to the Lord. You must be born again & submit yourself to GOD, James 4:7. You must learn to refuse the enemy & this comes by submitting to GOD. The only way to show that you love GOD is to obey HIM. What areas are there that you are disobedient to GOD? One way to show you love GOD is to be involved in evangelism. Ensure also that you are serving GOD in one way or the other. Ensure you don’t rebel against HIS work. Sin brings about rebellion & then frustration.
  2. Identify the root & source of frustration. Is it you or external forces? When you are able to identify this, then you can adequately deal with it.
  3. Change your ways, 2Cor. 13:5. If it’s coming as a result of sin, then take a step & change your ways. You are the one to do it yourself. Examine yourself & find out the source.
  4. Take nothing personal. A lot of times, there are issues because a comment is made which is general & then one feels it was targeted at one. Don’t allow misunderstanding to stop you emotionally: it will always come. The devil brings it to bring about unforgiveness & hinder prayers. It brings distractive thoughts in prayer. Offence fences one off from pleasing GOD, answers to prayers – don’t allow it. Release & forgive, Mk. 11:25.
  5. Don’t give up! It means to persevere in prayer, Heb. 12:2. Continue to look on Jesus Christ & His promises. To persevere means praying & fasting continuously with hope & expectation. It also involves staying put on GOD & not allowing alternatives. GOD hates alternatives. You must believe that GOD is the final bus stop. Keep on checking on GOD’S Word. Hold on to GOD! Refuse to give up! Prayer without perseverance fails, 1Cor. 13:10.
  6. Pray against frustration, 1Thess. 5:17. Stay in the place of prayer. Pray about that issues every moment.
  7. Rejoice in the Lord. Promotion is on the way, rejoice & GOD will surprise you!