Drugs you should not take to foreign countries to avoid getting arrested

Drugs you should not take to foreign countries to avoid getting arrested

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-Some foreign countries are very strict with the drugs people bring when coming .

-Before you travel to a country, read on it.

A lot of people have been locked up in foreign prisons as a result of having banned drugs with them.

An example is Laura Plummer, a British tourist who has spent over a month in an Egyptian prison and was told she could face the death penalty when she appeared in court all because she was accused of  attempting to smuggle in almost 300 Tramadol pills into Egypt.

Therefore, in other for you not to fall into her position or be like others in her shoes, you need to find out the drugs that should not be in your suitcase when you want to travel.

Naijapr presents the drugs banned by some countries and what you need to do if some of them have been prescribed for you.

You need to be careful when traveling to Zambia as they don’t allow Benylin cough syrup to be brought past their borders as it contains diphenhydramine, a mild sedative which is considered illegal.

The Gulf state has completely banned some sleeping pills, anti-depressants and painkillers, then many over the counter medicines such as cough and cold remedies are also controlled substances which are expected to be accompanied by a prescription from the doctor.

Holidaymakers and visitors should always carry a doctor’s note with any personal drug to prove the reason why they need it and the customs officials would verify if the amount they have on is the appropriate amount for the length of time they are expected to stay in China.

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Costa Rico
The visitors to this popular Central American country are only allowed to take in enough medication for the length of their stay with the doctor’s description of the right amount to be taken.

Saudi Arabia
Any prescribed medication taken here would need to be accompanied by a doctor’s report.

Prescribed drugs such as sleeping pills, codeine and treatments for ADHD are considered as illegal and is also punishable by the law in Indonesia.

A permit would be required if someone wants to take in some common prescription like fentanyl, morphine and codeine. It should be noted that without a permit, the visitor could face prison.

Be very careful with the pills you take to Turkey. Note that you would need a doctor’s note before you can take a prescribed drug there, and the doctor’s note would be sent to the Turkish tourism office for translation.

United Arab Emirate/Dubai
Although Dubai is a very popular holiday destination for people some prescribed medicines such as tramadol, codeine and diazepam, are controlled substances over there and are not allowed into the emirate without permission from a doctor’s prescription or the country’s Ministry of Health. Visitors who don’t get permission could be arrested and prosecuted.

Japan has very strict rules about some kinds of drugs and visitors may be punished if you are caught with them. Some are Vicks Inhaler which is a spray that contains pseudoephedrine, a controlled substance and has been banned. Also banned are sole kinds of medications for ADHD.



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