Ekiti Foundation unveils Ekiti Xmas Festival

Ekiti Foundation unveils Ekiti Xmas Festival

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– The festival seeks to bring people of Ekiti together in unity

Ekiti Foundation has unveiled the new Ekiti International Festival of Arts and Culture set to take place on 26 December in Ado Ekiti. The unveiling took place in Lagos at a lavish cocktail event where members of the Foundation gave details of the Ekiti Festival tagged Ekiti Xmas Fest.

In his address to the gathering Ekiti Foundation President, Prof Anthony Kila reminded the gathering that the main purpose of existence of the Ekiti Foundation is foster friendly and productive relationships between business and professionals from and in Ekiti state with others across the globe, he also noted this year’s Ekiti Xmas Fest has been conceived to be a day of linking the world to Ekiti through moments of fun, taste, discovery and encounters. It will also be moments and events of reunion for friends and families of Ekiti across the world.

Ekiti Xmas Fest Coordinator, Rotimi Olarewaju confirmed that festival is planned to promote the Ekiti spirit and bring together all sons and daughters of Ekiti State under one canopy to network and crossmarket with one another. Mr Olarewaju further added that Festival will include musical concerts, fashion show, display of books arts & craft, food & drinks and a lot of giveaways for participants.

Kila added that thanks to professionals and business supporting and participating at the Ekiti Xmas Fest, giveaway items will include essential items like vouchers for WAEC forms that winners can transfer to anyone of their choice in Nigeria and other desirable items like air tickets and hotel vouchers that can be used across the world.

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He also stated that beyond people, businesses and professionals from everywhere in the world who have origin or interest in Ekiti, participants at the Ekiti Xmas Fest will be also be people who just want to have a special and different boxing day experience.

Mrs Bukola Odutola, the Foundation legal Secretary urged members to dispel the rumours that Ekiti Foundation is only for some elites or people who studied abroad as the foundation is open to anyone who has tangible business or a clear profession. She also urged businesses and professionals interested in participating at the Ekiti Xmas Fest to express their interest and register on the festival website www.ekitifest.com


Anthony Kila is a Jean Monnet professor of Strategy and Development. He is
currently Centre Director at CIAPS; the Centre for International
Advanced and Professional Studies. He is a regular commentator on the BBC
and he works with various organisations on International Development
projects across Europe, Africa and the USA. He writes from Cambridge in
England, UK.