Emirates Creates a VIP Cabin for Its Boeing 777 Fleet

Emirates Creates a VIP Cabin for Its Boeing 777 Fleet


– The First Class Suites  measures a spacious 40 square feet.

– The NASA-inspired zero-gravity seat features a “buttery-soft” leather and a lounging position.


Popular Arline Brand Emirates has created a game changer by bringing a new cabin design to the Boeing 777 Airplane. The new 777 is equipped with glorious first class suites inspired by Mercedes-Benz.

The Emirates Boeing 777 First Class is described as the world’s first fully enclosed suite, which measures a spacious 40 square feet. The private rooms feature “zero-gravity” seats, virtual windows, and active noise cancelling E1 headphones from Bowers and Wilkins developed for exclusively for Emirates.

The rooms were also fitted with a pair of Safari binoculars, an entertainment system featuring 2,500 channels and wireless remote, a super-wide 32-inch full HD LCD TV which Emirates claims to be the largest widescreen digital touch TV in the world on any aircraft, and custom-controlled mood lighting and climate allowing passenger to adjust the cabin’s temperature to 18 to 26 degrees Celsius / 64 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now to the virtual windows, they are a feature on the otherwise windowless cabin suites along the middle aisle, and project a high-definition view of the outside using real-time cameras mounted on the plane.

The NASA-inspired zero-gravity seat features a “buttery-soft” leather and a lounging position that Emirates says removes any pressure from the elbows, back, and neck in order to achieve maximum comfort.

New improvements also got to the Business Class and Economy Class with really nice setups. The design and shape of Emirates’ Business Class seat on board the new 777 was also inspired by the interior of a modern sports car, with a diamond stitch pattern on the full leather cover, ergonomically designed headrest, and a sleek overall look and feel. The Economy Class cabin now features a color palette of soft grey and blues. The ergonomically designed seats come with full leather headrests that have flexible side panels and can also be adjusted vertically for optimum support.

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Business Class

Economy class

Highlights of the design features of the new 777 first class:

  • The suite is truly fully enclosed with floor-to-ceiling walls and doors, so passengers can change in the comfort of their own suite.
  • The seat can be placed into a “zero-gravity” position inspired by NASA.
  • For passengers in the center seats, Emirates is introducing virtual windows that will project the view from outside the aircraft using real time camera technology; in the window suites, binoculars will be available for passengers who want to look outside.
  • The suite features a video call function for communicating with cabin crew (don’t worry, you can choose just to make an audio call, as this is optional), and each suite also features a service window where customers can be served drinks and canapés undisturbed.
  • Each suite has a 32-inch personal television with 2,500 channels of on-demand entertainment, and each suite now also features Bowers & Wilkins Active Noise Cancelling E1 headphones.
  • Each suite has an “inspiration kit,” featuring a luxury Byredo skincare collection, Hydra Active moisturizing pajamas, and Bulgari amenity kits.
  • As part of the collaboration between Emirates and Mercedes-Benz, Emirates’ complimentary chauffeur service in the UAE will feature a fleet of S-Class vehicles to get passengers to and from the airport