Enjoy the “Ugly Fashion” Trend While it Lasts and Beyond

Enjoy the “Ugly Fashion” Trend While it Lasts and Beyond

ugly fashion, naijapr, trend

– Learn how to fit those not so cool pieces into your wardrobe and life


How to Enjoy the “Ugly Fashion” Trend

Ugly fashion has been making waves on designer runways for a few seasons now but they’ve always been around. Some people have been defying public consensus to enjoy these not-so-good looking pieces and they’ve been getting by. However, now that designers and big labels are putting their stamp of approval on them, the majority who like wear what the fashion giants say are cool, can now wear them with peace of mind.

By the way, if you’re wondering what we mean by “ugly fashion”, we’re talking about those pieces that don’t qualify as cool. They may have grotesque shapes or just look plain ridiculous with most outfits. They’ll probably not gel with your plans to look glamorous. If you’re looking for an easy example, think crocs.

ugly fashion, naijapr, trend
Balenciaga Crocs

All the “urgh” attached to crocs and the other members of the ugly fashion gang is changing right now, mostly because of the designer involvement. We see companies that specialize in these products like Crocs and Birkenstock getting an increase in sales and profit. They’ve always had loyal customers but now they’re getting a lot more people who’ve been convinced that it’s cool to wear them.

Designer Christopher Kane collaborated with Crocs to create some designerfootwear that sell for about £475 and after that, high fashion brand Balenciaga also followed suit. If the truth will be told, these designer versions are no different from the originals except with some embellishments and of course, the designer tag.

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ugly fashion, naijapr, trend
A$AP Rocky wearing a Balenciaga belt bag


The real selling point of these not-so glamorous pieces is that they are really comfortable and practical. That is why many loyal customers before now have stayed faithful . Many of those who will try them for the first time because of the designer buzz may also become loyal once they taste the comfort. The other major advantage is that most of them are super long-lasting.

Here are four simple ugly fashion pieces you can enjoy and make your life better

Belt bags

Also known as fanny packs. Many have been scorned and mocked who’ve worn them but the truth is that they really serve well in keeping your items safe and close to you.

ugly fashion, naijapr, trend
Gucci belt bag

If you’ve been feeling shy about rocking one of these before, you can take advantage of the trend to enjoy yourself a fanny pack. You can choose a more stylish design or invest in a designer piece so you can shine with the label.

Honestly, you should just rock one if you need to without anybody’s permission


They’re really comfortable and practical but don’t use it as an excuse for outrageous dressing (actually, you can do whatever you like).

ugly fashion, naijapr, trend
Christopher Kane Crocs -Spring 2018

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy one of these on many occasions; you can easily slip it on for casual occasions. If you like, you can go for more toned down colours or something with glitter to add something extra. Or you could just choose to splash on a designer pair.

Mon and Dad jeans

These jeans are coming back in vogue but for some people it never went out of fashion. Now, you can get better fits so if you’ve always liked those high-waist jeans, go out shopping and get yourself one.

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ugly fashion, naijapr, trend

You can easily get something that looks cooler now without feeling like you’re lost in time.


Most of their designs always been cool; we don’t understand why some people think Birkenstocks are ugly fashion.

ugly fashion, naijapr, trend

Find yourself something you like and ride on the trend to wear and enjoy it more than you normally would.


Apart from the above-mentioned pieces, there are a lot of not-glam clothes and accessories out there that you can incorporate into your everyday look and still look cool. One way is to be impeccably dressed and use them to make a fashion statement.


Disclaimer: the rising trend of ugly fashion is honestly not an excuse to wear it beyond certain boundaries. Even with a pair of designer crocs, you may look sloppy and strange if try to take it beyond casual wear. There are still rules, guys.