Evening laughs!

Evening laughs!



– There is a difference between the senior and Junior bicycle.

A young boy went to report his stolen bicycle in the police station. Here is how the conversation went. copyright. www.naijapr.com

Police: How can we help you?
Boy: I want to report my stolen bicycle.
Police: when did you notice it was missing?
Boy: This morning.
Police: Do you have a suspect.
Boy: Yes. I suspect my parents.
Police: why?
Boy: I heard them at night when they thought I was sleeping. My mum said, “Make it stand well so that I can sit on it very well. Then my father said, “okay. but try to climb fast so that it does not fall.” Then mummy said, “Oya, push it slowly so that it does not hurt me. copyright. www.naijapr.com
Police: (laughing) Ah ah ah, that one is not your bicycle o. That one is the senior bicycle.

Joke 2
Pidgin English is the only language where the question and answer can be the same thing.
example; question: light dey
Answer: Light dey. copyright. www.naijapr.com

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