Fashion mistakes you need to stop making

Fashion mistakes you need to stop making


– Fashion mistakes

– Fashion trends come and go.


Looking great requires a lot of effort daily. From the make up to your hair and your choice of cloth. No matter how perfect you look outside there is something you are not doing right. There are fashion mistakes you may be doing wrong.

Here are the list of the things you are doing wrongly

Your underwear
Non fitting bra will ruin anything you put on it. Are you putting on your exact size of bra? Wearing a matching underwear will make you feel like a Queen. It makes you more confident and makes you walk like winner.

Buying things bacause they are on sale
Usually, a man can’t walk into a store and buy things they don’t need just because it on discount. You have to be selective or else you end with things unless to you. At the end you have to dispose them.

Following trends like a sheep
Trends come and go. It not a do or die thing. There is a trend for every season. It either you take them or you leave them. Just because every lady around you is wearing it does not mean you have to. Honestly, not every trend goes down well with your personality.

Unsure you know your body shape
There are several body figures and what go down well with them. There are cloth that will look beautiful on you but what are you looking for. Find out what you need for your figure.

Holding on to what you don’t wear
This cut across every aspects of your life. You cant remember when last you wore it then you probably will never wear it. It probably one of those orders made when you were not thinking. copyright

You have to be rich to look fabulous
That is a biog lie. It true some people employ stylist to dress them up daily but it all about having the eye for good things. You don’t need to be rich to feel fabulous. Know what looks good on you and walk with confidence.