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The word fire appears 510 times in the Bible. It serves two divine purposes. It stands for purification & empowerment. It represents the very presence of GOD, Heb.12:9. It represents destruction. It represents HIS righteous judgment, 1Kg. 18:24. It changes position. It also destroys. It also helps.

Characteristics of spiritual and natural fire.

Fire has similar characteristics both natural and spiritual.

  1. It transforms. When it touches any object, it does not leave it the way it was. It turns it into ashes. Similarly a believer receives fire and flame in the heart that urges him to continue in the faith.
  2. It is vibrant, active. Its evidence in a believer’s life is vibrant prayer life, fruitfulness in evangelism, in worship, zeal in service. The Holy Ghost baptism makes you become but the fire makes you to do.
  3. It is hot and untouchable. When Holy Ghost fire of GOD touches a believer, he becomes too hot for the devil to handle. It is when your spiritual temperature drops that depression, discouragement, etc sets in. Just like a house becomes derelict upon being left after a long time by its owner and rodents, spiders etc take residence in it so it is in the life of a fireless believer. Once the owner comes in and lights a source of fire, every rodent, pests etc begin to find their way out, so is it in the life of a fire carrying believer. Previous oppressions and demonic operation begin to vacate. Flies only settle on cold stove not on a hot one. When you find you find yourself falling into sin, check your fire level.
  4. It gives light in darkness. You would be a light-bearer if you carry fire, Matt. 5:16.
  5. It is an agent of change. Wherever fire carriers go, they produce results no matter the prevailing circumstances. They transform situations. There is no how you can be the same if you carry fire. It is not theory, if you do not have it, seek it.
  6. It is contagious. It is transferable. If you have it, it would spread to others around you. Just like Samson set fire to the tails of two foxes to burn the field of the Philistines, so are we to be on fire to burn the field of the enemy. It is not only in church but everywhere you go. Every Christian needs it not just Pastors.
  7. It is aggressive and militant. It always wants to burn down. It does not give up. If you easily give up, check your fire level.
  8. It is feared and it fears no one. A believer of fire can never be intimidated by witchcraft. Daniel upon knowing the plot of the enemy went to pray openly for all to see, Dan. 6.
  9. It is pure. Unlike water and oil, it cannot be adulterated. A believer that carries fire won’t compromise.
  10. It is focused. It cannot be distracted. If you carry fire, you won’t allow distractions to derail you. Nehemiah refused to be distracted by Sanballat and Tobiah.

How can you increase your fire level?

  1. Increase your Word level, Prov. 26:20. You need to put the wood of the Word of GOD so you can burn for HIM, Col. 3:16. The Word of GOD is self-anointed. Every time you gain insight in the Word of GOD, grace is released. You get divine power.
  2. Spend time regularly in GOD’S presence, James 5:16. Have a regular plan for prayers. Intentionally increase your prayer time.
  3. Fasting, 2Cor. 11:27. It is a spiritual device for divine empowerment. When you fast, you are more alert, you are built up, you are more sensitive, you keep your body under control. Every believer should fast at least once a week. Great heights made by great men are not by sudden flight. While their colleagues waste their lives with women of easy virtue, they burn the midnight candle – Awolowo.
  4. Stay humble, James 4:6.
  5. Watch your association. If a man is not sharpening you, and you don’t sharpen him, you would decay, Prov. 27:17. Choose your friends carefully. If you marry when your fire level is 100% and you marry a woman whose is 20%, you would fall to her level. If your friends do not believe in fasting, you would fall – don’t keep them.
  6. Pray in the Spirit, Jude vs. 20. To do so you must be baptized in the Holy Ghost. The power is the fire element, Acts 10:38.