The first aid dos and don’ts after an acid attack

    Before and after picture of an acid victim


    – It is very important to pour water on a person after an acid attack.

     -Note that if it is alkaline, not acid, pouring water on the victim would make the situation worse.

    News of people who had acid poured on their body and became scarred for life is now so frequent that it has become scary.

    Naijapr presents you with the dos and don’ts if you find yourself confronted with an acid victim. copyright.

    It is very important to pour water on an acid victim immediately after an attack. This because the water dilutes the acid. Therefore, it would be better to keep pouring clean water on the victim as quickly as possible.

    According to first aiders, using bicarbonate of soda mix water would work faster than just plain water.

    Note that pouring water on an acid victim immediately after the attack is okay, but if it is not acid, but alkaline, it could make the situation worse. This is because alkaline powders that get wet can suddenly start to react. copyright.

    You would need to take off any cloth or jewelry that have made contact with the acid and don’t add cream to give some relief. Just keep pouring water on the victim.

    After pouring water on the person, before help comes, rinse the affected area with fresh water or salt water solution, then always make sure that this source is uncontaminated.

    For about 45 minutes, keep washing the burned body part with cool water until the pain begins to subside. By then, you should have gotten the person to the hospital.

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    It is very good to help, but in this context, helpers would need to be very careful so that they don’t become secondary victims. This can be prevented if they don’t try to brush off the acid with their hands. copyright.