Foxes as used here refer to small things that are capable of destroying things in one’s life which need to be addressed so as not to destroy one’s joy. In line with the text, we too have been given vineyards by GOD for wealth & riches, & these little foxes are the things that destroy it. They are often overlooked. What then are these foxes?

  1. This hinders GOD’S blessings, especially secret sins. If you will enjoy HIS blessing, you must walk uprightly. If care is not taken, sin will be allowed into one’s life. The two common sins of nowadays in our lives are lies & stealing whether or not we broke into someone’s house. This is why brothers are no longer trustworthy. Borrowing things from someone without their consent is stealing. If you have done so, restitute. Judas Iscariot, because of covetousness & greed, had been stealing from the purse, Jn. 12:26. This also occurs in the area of tithe when it’s not well calculated. Also in the case of Ananias & Sapphira; they lied to the Holy Ghost & were dealt with. If you have been doing this, stop it! Else the devil will put you to shame one day.
  2. Engaging in wrong business. If it’s not the type that GOD has instructed you to go into like Peter went to catch fish, yet to no avail. But when Jesus Christ appeared, he was instructed to catch men; no more fish, Lk. 5:4-6. GOD revealed to him his destiny. Sit down & ask GOD for the direction to take in business, job, career, etc. Jesus Christ redirected him after he derailed, Jn. 21:3-6. Don’t disdain HIS direction because HE knows where you will break through in life.
  3. Curses (Gal. 3:13-14.) Some of us re-invite curses upon our lives by disobedience to HIS Law, Deut. 8:18-20. Some may be through family lineage, gifts, etc. Jabez from birth had been cursed but when he was grown, he ran to GOD & his sorrow was turned to joy.
  4. Pride (Prov. 29:23) This is implied if one feels too big to do something. It’s inability to start small. If one is proud, GOD resists the person, & there would be no blessing, Prov. 8:13.
  5. Ignorance (Hos. 4:6) Ideas come from the heart. The power of GOD gives information which must be tapped into. You must be knowledgeable of GOD’S provision for you by searching the Scriptures. There’s no knowledge outside the Bible.
  6. Challenges will come, prepare for war! They come in form of humans & problems to discourage one & cause one to give up. When GOD has assured you of HIS direction in business, you must not give up (Deut. 1:21, 28). Discouragement will attempt to stop you.
  7. Lack of good counsel, Prov. 11:14. Whatever you want to start requires that you seek GOD, & then consult people who are vast in that area so they could share with you their experiences.
  8. Lack of giving to the LORD’S work, Hag. 1:6-8, Lk. 6:38. If one has the attitude of not showing concern for the things of GOD, one should desist from it. The measure with which one gives will be given back to one. A person who doesn’t give is like a dead river, & in the end it will stink. It stinks because it’s not refreshed by giving out. The reward will be attached to the cause you gave to.
  9. Demonic activities. This fact can’t be ruled out. The devil doesn’t want us to make it, Jn. 10:10. GOD has given us the power over them.
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