Frequent incorrect words used in English language and their corrections.

    Frequent incorrect words used in English language and their corrections.
    There are lots of words we use that don't exist

    – Even Intelligent people make them.

    – Learn the correct words.

    The fact that a word is used frequently does not make it right. Naijapr presents you with some of them.

    1) The use of “disvirgin”
    Incorrect: I want to marry her because I was the one that disvirgined her.
    Note: Disvirgin does not exist. Instead of that, use deflower which is the right word to describe taking the virginity of someone, especially a lady or woman.

     2) The use of “installmentally”
    Incorrect: I would need you to pay it installmentally.
    Note: The word, “Installmentally” does not exist and can never be found in a reputable dictionary. So whenever the word comes to mind, just replace it with “in instalments or by instalments”.

    For example,
    Correct: I would need you to pay the money in instalments.

    3) The use of “Go-slow”
    Go-slow exists, but most Nigerians use it wrongly.
    Incorrect: I was late because there was go-slow on the road. I was stranded for over four hours.

    That is used in the Nigerian context to mean that the road traffic is very slow, whereas in the English language, it is actually a term used to mean an intentional reduction in efficiency, production and activity in order to make some demands.

    It is also used to refer to a period of time spent in an unusually slow fashion.

    The correct term to use when one is referring to traffic is…

    Correct: I was late because there was traffic congestion, traffic jam, hold up and gridlock.

    4) The use of “Opportuned”
    Incorrect: I was opportuned to meet the president yesterday.
    That word does not exist in English language. The one that exists is opportune which an adjective is.
    It should be noted that adjectives which has no past tense.

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    5) Screen touch
    Incorrect: I have a screen touch phone.
    Since people just touch the screen of the phone and it would start working, a lot of people refer to it as screen touch.
    Note: The correct word to describe such a phone is touch screen, not screen touch.

    6) Chicken Change
    The word chicken change does not exist.
    Incorrect: I won’t go to his house again. The last time I went there, he gave me chicken change.
    The right word is chicken feed which is an idiomatic expression that means a very small or insignificant quantity.