Good excuses for leaving work early

Good excuses for leaving work early

There are some good reasons to leave work early

– Community-related work or religious obligations.

– Professional development pursuits.

You are going to need to leave work early at some point in your career no matter how diligent you are since you are a human being with obligations that can’t be delegated to non-working hours and weekends all the time.

It is likely that your supervisor or manager would understand and grant your request if you have a good excuse.

Note that if you try to leave work early and then come in late all the time, it would make it more difficult to get your request granted without criticism even if your reasons are legitimate and valid.

Here are some examples of good excuses.

Family obligations
This includes a sudden illness, accident or death which would require your immediate attention. Others are if you need to pick up your children from school or if you need to take any of them to the clinic.

Community-related work or religious obligations
An excuse to leave work early due to a religious obligation or a community-related work such as volunteering at an event is considered by many firms as a good excuse.

Some client related obligations
Clients related obligations such as going on an outing with an important client and also attending a meeting that might take place the next day would definitely be considered as a good excuse.

Personal reasons
Some personal reasons such as if you are ill or you need to make a very important appointment are also good reasons for wanting to leave early. Then we also have urgent or important home and financial issues which could include the purchase of a new house, the delivery of an important item, a fire or break in.

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Productivity related requests
Examples of this kind of request is taking permission to leave early after staying overtime in the office the night before. Another one is the employee taking excuse to go to a library to focus on a particular project.

Business networking activities
Business networking activities which includes attending industrial events or conventions and participating in a local chamber of commerce meetings would be seen as a good excuse particularly if your employer values networking with potential business partners.

Professional development pursuits
An excuse to attend a workshop, seminar or a course which your supervisor or manager has encouraged you to take would definitely be considered as a good one.

Note that as long as you are in good standing with your supervisor or manager and he or she is an empathetic and rational person, then your request to leave work early or come late now and then would definitely get granted.