Google Pixel Phone Audio Problem

Google Pixel Phone Audio Problem


– Google Pixel Phone Audio Problem

– The are working on a upgrade of Pixel

It has been gathered that the only Google Pixel phone has been detected to have issues arising from its audio output. If you increase the speaker volume to the last, it is likely that it will make some noise as the audio port is bad or so.

Someone had to change the phone three times and still experiencing the same issue. Well, what might be the problem. As at now, it has been gathered that this has been reported to Google so that something can be done about it.

But before you report this, it is important to try and remove anything that you had sticked to the device that may allow the audio volume get hampered.

We are sure that Google will work on a software that will correct this soonest in an update. But is your Pixel phone having the same audio problem? Then let us know by dropping a comment below.

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